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PX-Win 1.2 (2017-01-13)

Added features

  • Support for accessing databases exposed through the PX API
  • Filter functionality on selection page
  • Optimized performance when browsing the database tree
  • Content variable displayed first of all variables on selection page
  • Time values sorted in descending order on selection page
  • Display of table interval for CNMM tables when selecting table
  • Display of database name when data is displayed in the table grid
  • Setting for strict aggregation check
  • DESCRIPTIONDEFAULT keyword now affects how table title is displayed

Some of the bug fixes

  • Run saved retrieval when time value part of operation
  • Save as JsonStat file format
  • Copying cells to Excel
  • All text shall be possible to localize to a specific language

Aggregation tool 0.9.2 (beta)

In addition to PX-Win there is a separate beta version of aggregations to be downloaded. The function is currently undergoing tests, therefore it is released as a beta version.

  • Fixed problem with closing the "New valueset (.vs)" dialog
  • Fixed problem with removing value from group

Release notes all versions

| Kortadress: http://www.scb.se/pc-axis/px-win

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In June 2016 we released PX-Win that is a new modern version of PC-Axis. Some functions in PC-Axis is not functioning well or not at all in modern operating systems such as Windows 10. Therefore we strongly recommend users to use PX-Win instead of PC-Axis 2008.