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ESSnet project

PC-Axis SDMX Integration

The ESSnet for SDMX-project is now over. Here follows a description of the results of the project.

PX-Axis in reporting statistics to international organizations

The general conclusion is that it will be possible to use what has been achieved in the ESSnet for SDMX Phase 2 Working Package 2 project “PC-Axis SDMX integration” and Eurostat Reference Infrastructure project.

PC-Axis and SDMX RI will be a harmonized way of handling international reporting from NSI:s using PC-Axis file format as well as the SQL databases structured according to the Nordic Meta data model. Concerning the development work in PC-Axis it is mainly the capacity to handle attributes on cell level that has been implemented. Concerning the SDMX RI a lot of adjustments has been done by Eurostat consultants to get the capacity to use PC-Axis files as a base for the international reporting of statistics. Mainly the adjustments in Mapping Assistant have been a subject to verifying by Statistics Sweden. Even if only the Census has been able to be tested, much of what has been developed will be of use for the reporting to international organizations in other domains. See more details on the process in the document “Tutorial Step by Step tutorial PX-File_to_SDMX1”  presented at the Workshop in Rome June 2012. 


During the project Statistics Finland has been very helpful (Veli-Matti Jantunen – Thank you!) making adjustments in PX-Edit to find out a very rational work flow from txt-files containing attributes on cell level that are automatically made into PC-Axis files including the new keywords handling these attributes. This has been done flexibly following the discussions how to deal with these attributes on cell level including validation and an easy to use approach.

Generic SDMX in PX-Web

Furthermore the function to make Generic SDMX structure and data files has been developed and implemented into the PX-Web system. Such saved files works as input to the Portuguese Data Express chart program as well as the “Story Telling” software eXplorer. Notice that eXplorer also is able to import PC-Axis files.

PX-Web will handle attributes on cell level.

Eurostat SDMX Reference Infrastructure (RI)

Eurostat SDMX Infospace External link

Eurostat RI is still under development. The development is divided in three Architectural changes. 1. First implementation, 2. Intermediate solution och 3. Final solution. At present the architectural status is in 2. Intermediate solution.
Notice: The Eurostat RI can be used for any SQL database carrying the relevant data, so the Nordic data model is not necessary, but can also be used. More details on what is used at Statistics Sweden census is in the final report.

PC-Axis platform

Notice: The SDMX related developments will be included in 2013 version of PX-Web. PX-Edit version 3.0 will be available early 2013.