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Financial Market Statistics

Upcoming publishing: 10/27/2016

The Riksbank has long been in the practice of compiling "financial market statistics", i.e. statistical data on Swedish financial institutions and the financial markets. Since 1 April 2003 the data are assembled by SCB (Statistics Sweden), on behalf of the Riksbank. The required information has mainly been collected on a monthly basis. Certain information has, nevertheless, been reported quarterly. These statistics are based mainly on the MFI report. The MFI sector consists of banks, housing credit institutions, finance companies, institutions financing municipalities and companies, monetary securities companies and monetary investment funds (money market funds).

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Growth rate, lending to households


% August

Growth rate, lending to non-financial corporations


% August

Average interest rate for households' housing loans


% August

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Loans from Monetary Finance Institutions (MFIs) to households had an annual growth rate of 7.5 percent in August. This is a decrease of 0.1 percentage points compared with July. In total, households' loans from MFIs amounted to SEK 3 453 billion in August. This is an increase of SEK 14 billion compared with the previous month and SEK 239 billion compared with the corresponding month last year.

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