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Living Conditions Surveys (ULF/SILC)

Upcoming publishing: 2019-10-16

The statistics describe various aspects of living conditions for different groups of the population aged 16 and older: housing, economy, health, leisure, civic activities, social relationships, employment and working environment, security and safety.

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Living Conditions Surveys (ULF/SILC) 2018


Seven percent of persons 16 years and older, only exercise at home. Exercising at home is most common among older women. Among women aged 85 years and older, 18 percent only exercise at home. The group that only exercised at home the least were those aged 16–24 years, among whom this share was four percent.

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Title Language Type Date
Work environment 1980-2017 English Report 2018-12-17
Threats, violence and worry 1980–2017 English Report 2018-05-31
Living Conditions 1980–2016 – selected indicators English Report 2018-03-02
Leisure 2014–2015 English Report 2017-01-25
Health 2012–2013 English Rapport 2015-05-22
Changes in the Life Conditions Survey 2006–2008 – A Study in the Comparability of Welfare Indicators over time English Rapport 2010-10-01
Alternative modes of data collection in ULF, phase 2 – A comparison between two different modes of data collection English Rapport 2010-01-18

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