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  1. Increasing expenditure for environmental protection in 2015

    Swedish industry’s total environmental protection expenditure amounted to SEK 12.5 billion in 2015, which was an increase of 10 percent compared with 2014. The increase was seen mainly in the industries Basic and fabricated metal products and Electricity,...

  2. Largest increase in volume of GDPR in Uppsala and Blekinge

    Twelve of the counties showed a positive development in GDPR. Uppsala and Blekinge counties showed the largest increase in volume, followed by Västra Götaland. In the remaining nine counties the growth in volume of GDPR was negative, and the county of Söd...

  3. Return to slower growth

    Sweden's economy continued to grow at a lower rate in the second quarter compared with the strong upturn in 2015. GDP growth is thereby roughly in line with average growth over the last five years.

  4. Lending to households and corporations hits record levels

    Banks and housing credit institutions lent historical amounts to households and non-financial corporations during the second quarter of 2016. Net lending amounted to SEK 133 billion. The most recent lending at the corresponding level was during 2007.

  5. Adult skills stand up well internationally

    On a total scale, Sweden is above average for participating countries in the international survey PIAAC when it comes to literacy and numeracy, and in top place when it comes to problem solving with the aid of computers. At the same time, differences are ...

  6. R&D expenditures in the higher education sector amounted to SEK 37 billion in 2015

    R&D expenditures in the higher education sector, including both universities and higher education institutions, continued the rising trend in 2015. In constant 2015 prices, the increase in expenditures exceeded SEK 1.5 billion compared with 2013. Over 40 ...

  7. Enterprises' software expenses increased in 2015

    Enterprises' total IT expenses, that is, expenses for computer equipment, telecommunication equipment and software in 2015 amounted to nearly SEK 49 billion in current prices. This corresponds to an increase of about SEK 16 billion compared with 2009. The...

  8. Industry investments expected to decrease

    According to Statistics Sweden's latest investment survey, investment in the industrial sector is expected to decrease by 3 percent in 2016. Industrial enterprises report a modest forecast for 2017, in which investments are expected to decline by 7 percen...

  9. Large differences in number of votes per seat for Swedish parties

    The Green Party received the least number of votes per seat - the Centre Party received the most. The Sweden Democrats and Feminist Initiative Party became new parties in parliament while the Pirate Party had to go. Swedish voter participation increased f...

  10. New cars increased by 0.1 percent

    During November 2016 a total of 32 396 passenger cars were newly registered, an increase of 0.1 percent compared to November last year. This is according to Transport Analysis monthly official statistics on newly registered vehicles.