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Statistics Sweden’s Citizen Survey

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In Statistics Sweden’s Citizen Survey, you have an opportunity, as a resident, to have a say about your municipality.

You can complete the survey on a paper form or online.

Frequently asked questions

I have lost my login details. How do I get new ones?

Wait for the next reminder from us, it contains your login details.

Who is behind the survey?

Statistics Sweden conducts the Citizen Survey commissioned by Sweden's municipalities.

How will my answers be used?

Your answers and those of other residents are used to describe what it is like to live in the municipality.

Who uses the results?

Once we have collected the answers, we compile them as statistics in the form of tables and figures. The statistics are mainly used by the management in your municipality and the municipality’s administrative units.

Besides being used by Statistics Sweden, the information belonging to the survey may be used by researchers and others who produce statistics. Release of data is very restrictive and requires special review. Research and statistical activities are covered by statistical confidentiality.

Can anyone see what I answered?

In the results and the statistics, it will not be possible to see what you or anyone else has answered, nor will anyone in your municipality be able to see your answers. This is the case regardless of whether Statistics Sweden or researchers produce the statistics.

Why was I selected?

Depending on the size of your municipality, we have drawn a random sample of 1 000, 1 200, or 1 600 inhabitants of the municipality from the Total Population Register of Sweden. You were selected by chance.

Why should I participate?

By participating, you help to describe how residents really view the municipality, and the politicians in your municipality can make better decisions on future initiatives.

What happens if I do not participate?

Taking part is voluntary, but the more people who respond, the better and more reliable the description of inhabitants’ views of the municipality will be. Your answers cannot be replaced by anyone else’s. This in turn is important, because the statistics are used as a factual basis when the management of your municipality makes decisions about the future. The more people who respond, the better the information for the continuing work of your municipality.

May I answer in another language?

Yes. In addition to Swedish, the online questionnaire is also available in English. The paper questionnaire is available in Swedish and in Arabic. If you would like to fill in the questionnaire in Arabic, please call 010-479 6930 and we will send one to you.

Do I have to answer all of the questions?

No, you may skip questions. You decide which questions you want to answer.

I have no experience of what you are asking about, do I have to answer the questions?

No, you do not. However, maybe you still have an opinion based on what you have heard or read in the newspaper? That is enough – it is your impression that we want to know about.

How long does it take to answer the survey?

It takes about ten minutes to answer the survey.

Do you retrieve any information about me in advance?

Yes. So that you do not have to answer questions on information that is already available at Statistics Sweden, we retrieve information on legal sex, age, marital status, country of birth, length of education, and income from Statistics Sweden’s registers (if the information is available). Sometimes we also retrieve information about the part of the municipality to which respondents belong.

Why did I get a reminder when I have already answered the survey?

If you have already answered the survey, but still received a reminder, it is because we sent out a reminder before we received your answer. In that case, please disregard the reminder.

Where to find the published statistics

The statistics will be available at your municipality in December 2022 and will be published on the webpage for Statistics Sweden’s Citizen Surveys and in Statistics Sweden’s Statistical Database in mid-December 2022.

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