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Let's talk about Sweden - a film from Statistics Sweden

Published: 24 June 2019

The data from Statistics Sweden tells us how and where we live in Sweden, how prices have changed over time and how many nurses and teachers we need on the labour market. By participating in our surveys you help us describe Sweden. In that way, your contribution becomes input for descision making for the future.



We are ten million people in Sweden. People who drop off their kids at preschool. Crowd onto the bus, and ponder about what to have for dinner. 


One million of us are schoolchildren.
Two million are pensioners.
And four million live in apartments.


Do you know how the price of milk has changed over time, the milk that you take in your coffee every morning?


Or that household consumption account for half of the swedish economy?


We work with facts, not feelings.


The statistics produced by us at Statistics Sweden become inputs for decisions. The are reliable and accessible to everyone.


Our statistics describe the past, explain the present and lay a foundation for the future.


Based on our data, descisions can be made on how many nurses, teachers, electricians and programmers we will need in the future. It also tells us where in Sweden they work today, and where they may be needed tomorrow.


The data shows us that we live in densely populated communities, but scattered over a large area. We know that children are born in the spring and summer.


These kinds of facts helps advance our society: you and I supply the answers.


As active members of a football club.
As the self-employed. As students.


Our data tells us about Sweden.


Outro text including logotype ”Our main task is to supply users and customers with statistics for descision making, debate and research.”