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Upcoming publishing: 2022-11-21

The statistics present those entitled to vote, those voting, votes by party, breakdown by personalised votes and by distribution of seats in Riksdag, county council and municipal council elections.

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The 2018–2022 term of office


During the 2018–2022 term of office, the voter opinion has at times been calm, sometimes shifting vastly. In May 2022, three months ahead of the Swedish elections, one in five voters do not know which political party they would give their vote to. And even among those who state a party some voters are more or less sure of their choice.

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Title Language Type Date
The 2018–2022 term of office English Report 2022-06-20
Statistics on democracy – for the elections 2014 English Rapport 2014-06-25
General elections. Part 2. Elections to the County Councils in 2010 English Rapport 2011-07-14
General elections Part 3. Elections to the Municipal Councils in 2010 English Rapport 2011-07-14
General elections in 2010 Part 1. Election to the Riksdag in 2010. Corrected 2011-07-14 English Rapport 2011-03-30
Statistics on democracy English Rapport 2005-10-06
Elections to the Riksdag 1973–2002 English SM 2004-01-30

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