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Educational attainment of the population in 2021

Highest level of education in the Stockholm area

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Three in ten people in the population aged 25–64 years are highly educated. These people often live in metropolitan municipalities and county seats. The majority of municipalities with the highest level of education are located in Stockholm County. Other municipalities with high levels of education are Lund, Lomma, Uppsala, Umeå, Mölndal and Linköping.

The high level of education in the Stockholm area is largely explained by the abundant presence of workplaces in industries with a large proportion of highly educated employees. This area also offers a wide range of higher education and has a relatively young population with a higher formal level of education than the older population.

Municipalities with the largest proportion and number of inhabitants with at least three years of post-secondary education in 2021. Population aged 25–64 years
Municipality Share of inhabitants with at least a three year post-secondary education Municipality Number of inhabitants with at least a three year post-secondary education
Danderyd 59% Stockholm 248 000
Lund 55% Göteborg 124 000
Lomma 52% Malmö 69 500
Solna 49% Uppsala 53 000
Lidingö 49% Lund 34 100
Täby 47% Linköping 32 900
Stockholm 44% Umeå 27 700
Uppsala 43% Solna 25 100
Sollentuna 43% Örebro 24 400
Nacka 42% Västerås 24 100

In most counties, the proportion of highly educated persons is significantly higher in the county seat and in metropolitan areas than in other municipalities in the county. It is relatively common for smaller municipalities to have a larger proportion of inhabitants with compulsory education than post-secondary education three years or longer as the highest level of educational attainment.

A presentation of all municipalities’ educational levels is available on Statistics Sweden’s website and in the Statistical Database:

Educational attainment of the population

Just under 1.6 million highly educated persons in Sweden

In the population aged 25–64 years, 45 percent have some form of post-secondary education. Three in ten have at least a three-year post-secondary education, which corresponds to 1 574 000 people. In recent years, the proportion of highly educated persons has increased by about half a percentage point per year.

Level of education, by sex, 2021. Population aged 25–64 years


Young women have highest level of education

The level of education is higher among women than among men. More women than men have a post-secondary education and fewer have only a compulsory education. However, there are still more men than women with a postgraduate degree. Among those with a postgraduate degree aged 25–64 years, 44 percent are women.

Among women in the age groups 25–34 years and 35–44 years, more than half have a post-secondary education. The proportion of highly educated women is 38 percent in the age group 25–34 years and 45 percent in the age group 35–44 years. The corresponding proportions among men were 23 percent and 29 percent, respectively. This difference is due to the fact that more women continue to higher education. Currently, women account for just over 60 percent of persons enrolled in Swedish universities and university colleges.

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More information is available in the Statistical Database

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