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Programme for the International Assessment of Adult Competencies

The statistics show basic knowledge and skills of adults that are used in everyday life and required for successful participation in society, for example, reading comprehension, numeracy, and problem solving with the help of IT/computers broken down by sex, age, foreign background, employment and educational background.

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Adult skills stand up well internationally


On a total scale, Sweden is above average for participating countries in the international survey PIAAC when it comes to literacy and numeracy, and in top place when it comes to problem solving with the aid of computers. At the same time, differences are considerable in the population. A rather large share lies at a low level within these areas of knowledge.

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Title Language Type Date
Theme: Education 2015:2 Adults with weak skills Swedish Rapport 2015-01-30
Theme: Education 2013:2 The survey of Adult Skills (PIAAC) Swedish Rapport 2013-10-08

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