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Investment funds 1st quarter 2017:

Fund wealth increases

Statistical news from Statistics Sweden and Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority 2017-05-16 9.30

Total fund wealth in Swedish registered investment funds amounted to SEK 3 522 billion at the end of March 2017. This is an increase of 177 billion since the previous quarter and SEK 558 billion since the first quarter of the previous year. Households' directly owned fund wealth contributed SEK 31 billion to the increase.

Net savings during the quarter amounted to SEK 34 billion; above all, equity funds contributed the main share at SEK 26 billion. The remaining 143 billion of the total increase is due to the positive market development during the quarter. The net inflow during the first quarter mainly comes from Swedish financial enterprises that had net savings at 27 billion, followed by foreign ownership that contributed with SEK 3 billion kronor.

Total fund wealth (SEK billions)

Fund savings of households

Households' directly owned fund wealth of Swedish-registered funds increased by SEK 31 billion during the most recent quarter and amounted to SEK 667 billion at the end of March. Net savings amounted to SEK 3 billion and the positive market development contributed to the remaining SEK 28 billion of households' increased fund wealth. Households' net savings were positive among the fund categories fund of funds at SEK 4 billion and equity funds at SEK 2 billion. Bond and money market funds, mixed funds and other funds had negative net savings during the first quarter of the year.

Fund categories

The fund category that increased the most during the quarter was equity funds at SEK 135 billion. At the end of March equity funds amounted to SEK 1 877. Fund wealth for mixed funds and other funds increased by SEK 16 billion each, while fund wealth for fund of funds increased by SEK 12 billion. Fund wealth for bond and money market funds decreased by SEK 1 billion and amounted to 379 billion.

Fund wealth, 1st quarter 2017
 All sectorsHouseholds
 SEK millionsShare in
SEK millionsShare in
Fund wealth, Total
3 522 303 100 667 058 100
Equity funds
1 876 845 53 349 089 52
Mixed funds
461 435 13 112 377 17
Fund of funds
409 030 12 93 776 14
Bond and money market funds
379 180 11 64 998 10
Other funds
395 813 11 46 818 7

Stronger Swedish krona

The average exchange rate for one euro was SEK 9.51 during the first quarter of 2017, compared with SEK 9.76 in the fourth quarter of last year.

The krona even gained strength against the US dollar. The average exchange rate for one US dollar during the first quarter was SEK 8.92, which can be compared with 9.04 during the previous quarter.

Investments in foreign currency are affected by the development of the exchange rate, and a stronger krona reduces the value of these holdings when converted to kronor. The development of the krona against the euro during the quarter has contributed to the decrease in value of investments in EUR. The development of the krona against the US dollar has contributed likewise.

Definitions and explanations

The statistics cover Swedish-registered investment funds. Both mutual funds and special funds are included in the statistics. The category "Other funds" includes funds that could not be classified according to any other category, such as hedge funds.


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