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Securities issues, February 2023

Increased borrowing in debt securities

Statistical news from Statistics Sweden 2023-03-16 8.00

At the end of February, total liabilities in debt securities amounted to SEK 9 659 billion, up by SEK 316 billion from January. This increase is mainly due increased borrowing in debt securities denominated in SEK during the month.

Developments in February 2023 in brief

Increased liabilities in money market instruments

  • At the end of Febuary, total liabilities in debt securities amounted to SEK 9 656 billion, of which bonds accounted for 76 percent and money market instruments accounted for 24 percent.
  • During the month, liabilities in money markets instruments increased by SEK 359 billion.
  • It was mainly in money market instruments denominated in SEK that the liabilities increased, by SEK 388 billion in total.
  • The annual growth rate for total debt securities liabilities was 7,9 percent, up by 2.9 percentage points compared to January.

Increased borrowing in monetary financial institutions

  • In February, the Swedish Riksbank accounted for the largest increase in liabilities in debt securities, increased by SEK 331 billion in total.
  • Other financial institutions also increased its borrowing by SEK 49 billion during the month. Monetary financial institutions increased their liabilities in unsecured debt securities by SEK 43 billion while the liabilities in secured debt securities decreased by SEK 12 billion.
Outstanding amount
Securities issues, February 2023

Maturity structure

  • Debt securities valued at SEK 2 634 billion will reach maturity within six months. Just over half of these are denominated in foreign currency, mainly US dollars and euros.
  • Debt securities from monetary financial institutions accounted for around half of the total maturity value within six months, SEK 1 235 billion, in which the majority is issued in foreign currency.

Securities issues, February 2023

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