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Securities statistics, April 2020

Borrowing in bonds increased

Statistical news from Statistics Sweden 2020-05-19 9.30

At the end of April, Swedish liabilities in debt securities amounted to SEK 8 096 billion, up by SEK 56 billion compared with March. This increase is mainly due to an increase in bonds denominated in Swedish kronor during the month.

The total bond debt amounted to SEK 6 981 billion at the end of April, which corresponds to 86 percent of total liabilities in debt securities. This is an increase of SEK 55 billion compared with the previous month. The increase is mainly due to an increase of SEK 67 billion in bonds denominated in Swedish kronor during the month. On the other hand, bonds denominated in foreign currency decreased by SEK 13 billion, mainly because both the US dollar and euro weakened against the Swedish krona during the month.

Liabilities for money market instruments remained virtually unchanged compared with March and amounted to SEK 1 115 billion at the end of April.

Increased borrowing for the housing sector, other monetary financial institutions and central government

The housing sector, which accounts for the largest proportion of the total debt stock, was the sector with the largest increase, SEK 50 billion, in liabilities in debt securities compared with March. The sector other monetary financial institutions (which also includes the Riksbank) and central government also increased their liabilities compared with the previous month, by SEK 42 billion and SEK 34 billion respectively.

On the other hand, liabilities for the bank sector and the sector for non-financial and other financial institutions decreased by SEK 60 billion and SEK 14 billion respectively. A greater part of liabilities in these two sectors is held in foreign currency. In the other sectors, borrowing in debt securities is mainly held in Swedish kronor.

Outstanding amount, SEK billions
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Maturity structure

Within the next six months, debt securities valued at SEK 1 574 billion will reach maturity, of which SEK 780 billion are held in foreign currency, mainly US dollars and euros.

The bank sector and the other monetary financial institutions sector together account for two-thirds of borrowing in debt securities that will reach maturity in the next six months.

Maturity, SEK billions
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