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Ordering microdata

Statistics Sweden’s microdata on individuals and enterprises is covered by secrecy, but you can access anonymised microdata following a confidentiality assessment, provided that Statistics Sweden considers that you have the grounds to process the data. We look forward to your order.

Statistics Sweden can only approve release of data to a Swedish organization and hence you as a researcher has to be associated to the Swedish organization.

How long does delivery take and how much does it cost?

Once Statistics Sweden receives your order, you are assigned an administrating officer. If there is a waiting time to the administrating officer, you will be notified of this when you submit your order.

Several factors affect the price and the processing time of your order. The microdata processed for release by Statistics Sweden can range from a limited number of background variables in a register with a defined population to major retrievals from several different registers and with complex populations. Sometimes, Statistics Sweden has to help process data from other register owners. In some cases, Statistics Sweden has to rely on receipt of the population from other register owners, which may mean processing is delayed until receipt of the population. 

The size of the population and the number of register data items only marginally affects the price as long as the data can be retrieved from a single register. Normally, it takes 1-6 months from the time you are assigned a contact person to the delivery of your microdata.

Statistics Sweden will provide a fixed quote once the confidentiality assessment has been carried out. Statistics Sweden applies the principle of full cost coverage, which means that the agency charges for the actual cost of processing and producing your order. Most orders cost between SEK 30 000 and SEK 60 000. 

From order to delivery, step by step

1. Before placing your order

To process your order and conduct a confidentiality assessment, Statistics Sweden needs the following documents:

•A specification of the microdata requested from Statistics Sweden, including a description of the population, register and variables involved. Please create a list of variables using the template below.

Template for list of variables (xlsx) 

•Research plan/Project plan

•An application for ethical review and an approval decision (only applies to research purposes that include sensitive personal data under the GDPR).

2. Submitting your order

Complete and submit the order form

Order form (docx) 

and any annexes by e-mail to Statistics Sweden at

3. Administration and confidentiality assessment

You will be assigned an administrating officer at Statistics Sweden for the duration of the process. Once the administrating officer has reviewed your order with you, Statistics Sweden will carry out a confidentiality assessment. A possible outcome may be that Statistics Sweden does not consider that there are grounds for processing certain data. The agency may then request that you limit the scope of the extraction or add information to support your application for processing data. 

4. Offer

If your confidentiality assessment is approved, Statistics Sweden will provide you with an offer that includes a description of Statistics Sweden’s undertaking, delivery time and price.

5. Delivery

Statistics Sweden delivers data via the MONA (Microdata Online Access) delivery system. If special circumstances apply, Statistics Sweden may agree on another delivery method.

MONA - Microdata Online Access


Ordering microdata

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