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Get started with the Statistical Database

  • The Statistical Database is free of charge for your use. 
  • It contains official statistics from Statistics Sweden and 15 other government agencies.
  • The statistics cover many subject areas, and often over a long period of time, so-called time series.
  • It is possible to retrieve up to 150 000 table cells at a time.

Open the Statistical database

Produce a table by selecting your subject and variables

When you make a retrieval from the Statistical Database, the statistics are shown in the form of a table that is based on the subject and variables you have chosen. For instance, you can choose to show statistics from a certain region, age group or certain years. 

Save your retrieval 

Save your retrieval from the Statistical database

Download statistics files

The tables you produce can also be downloaded as statistics files in different formats. You can then further process and analyse the statistics, for instance, with a spreadsheet or statistics program, such as PX-Win, a program developed by Statistics Sweden in cooperation with other statistical offices around the world.


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