National Accounts, quarterly and annual estimates

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National Accounts, quarterly and annual estimates

Upcoming publishing: 2015-11-30

Correction 2015-09-22

The table ”Sektor-kv” in the table collection  ”GDP Quarterly 1993-2015:2”, and the table “Institutional non-financial sector accounts (ESA2010), current prices, Quarter ” in the Statistical database has been corrected. Corrected values concerns 2015Q2 for S11 Non-financial corporations and S12 Financial corporations, Property income, net, (D41G.PAY and D41G.REC).

Correction 2015-09-11

Error in published material, second quarter 2015

An error was found in a sub-item of gross fixed capital formation and in a sub-item in market producers value added in constant prices, second quarter 2015. It refers to gross fixed capital formation in dwellings, new constructions, and value added in the F41-F43 construction industry which have been underestimated by 1,3 respective 0,6 SEK billions. 

Correction 2015-03-16

Statistical database. 

The table ”Stocks of fixed assets, net, January 1st each year (ESA2010) by industrial classification SNI 2007 and type of asset. Year 1993 - 2014” has been corrected for the following types of assets, years and industries: Other buildings and structures 1997-2012 for A03, 1998-2012 for H52-H53, 2009-2012 for  C27 and 2011-2012 for H49; Transport equipment 1993-2012 for H49 and 2005-2012 for B05-B09; Other machinery and equipment and weapon systems 1997-2012 for Q87 and Q88, 1998-2012 for A03 and 2000-2012 for H49. Also those higher aggregates that includes these of types of asset and industries respectively has been corrected for the years concerned. At the release of GNP for 1st Quarter 2015 data on depreciation, net operational surplus and savings will be subject to small correction due to this. At the same occasion also the estimates om multi factor productivity will be corrected.

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GDP, change in volume (seasonally adjusted)


2nd quarter 2015 compared to 1st quarter 2015

GDP, change in volume (working-day adjusted)


2nd quarter 2015 compared to 2nd quarter 2014

National Accounts, GDP

3 918 129

SEK millions, current prices 2014

National Accounts, GDP per capita


SEK thousands, current prices 2014

National Accounts, Gross National Income, GNI

4 054 086

SEK millions, current prices 2014

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Sweden’s GDP increased 1.1 percent in the second quarter of 2015, seasonally adjusted and compared to the first quarter of 2015. GDP increased 3.3 percent, working-day adjusted and compared to the second quarter of 2014.

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