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General elections, participation survey

Statistics Sweden has carried out electoral participation surveys for all general elections since the 1909 franchise reform. Similar participation surveys have been carried out for the referenda in 1980, 1994 and 2003, as well as for elections to the European Parliament since 1995.

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Election participation among persons with disabilities


The voter turnout increased in the 2014 elections, but it did not increase in all parts of the country and there are still big differences between different population groups. For instance, the share is much bigger among those with higher level of education, particularly in the EU elections.

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Title Language Type Date
Who chose to choose? – Voter turnout in the 2014 elections Report 2015-05-29
Political Participation among people with disabilities Report 2015-04-16
One hundred years of Swedish voter turnout Report 2012-12-06
Young people and democracy Report 2012-12-06
Electoral Participation in the 2011 Re-elections Report 2012-01-12
Electoral participation in the 2006 General Elections SM 2007-04-12
Participation in the General Election in 2002 SM 2003-04-09
Electoral Participation of Foreign Citizens in the 2002 Municipal Council Election SM 2003-02-27

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