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Statistical news

Published Monday-Friday at 09:30

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    Increased business production

    Production for the business sector increased by 1.1 percent in December compared with November in seasonally adjusted figures. Comparing December with the same month of the previous year, production for the business sector increased by 5.1 percent in working day adjusted figures.

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    Decreased household consumption

    Household consumption decreased by 1 percent in seasonally adjusted figures between November and December. For October through December, consumption increased by 0.4 percent compared with the period July through September. Household consumption increased by 2.6 percent in volume and working day adjusted figures in December 2015, compared with December 2014.

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    Upward inter-generational mobility in education less frequent

    Statistics Sweden has monitored the change of inter-generational mobility over time for more than 30 years. During this period the education system has expanded and the level of educational attainment has increased substantially, especially among the parents of the current population aged 25-60.

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    Decrease in industrial production

    Industrial production decreased in December by 2.9 percent compared with November in seasonally adjusted figures. Compared with December of the previous year, industrial production increased by 0.3 percent in calendar adjusted figures.

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  • Compare yourself with other EU citizens

    Now you can compare your education, employment and housing with the EU average and with persons your age in other EU countries. EU’s statistical office has created an application that gives you basic facts about EU’s population.

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    billion SEK was the amount paid in taxes by private persons for the 2015 income tax year. This was an increase of SEK 23 billion compared to the year before.

  • Questions and answers about immigration

    Many people are currently seeking asylum in Sweden. At Statistics Sweden we have received a number of questions about how this affects the statistics of the population in Sweden. That is why we present frequently asked questions and answers about the Population Statistics.

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