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    Continued decrease of investments expected in Swedish industry

    Swedish industry plans to decrease its investments. According to the latest investment survey, investments in Swedish industry will amount to SEK 51.9 billion for 2014, a decrease in the investment volume by 10 percent compared to 2013. Next year, a small increase is expected and the investments will amount to SEK 54.3 billion.

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    Costs for pre-school education continued to increase

    The total cost for the educational system increased by 6 percent during the period 2009–2013. Costs for pre-school education increased by 17 percent over the five-year period. During the same period the number of enrolled children increased by 10 percent.

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    Large increase in dwelling starts in new construction

    According to preliminary figures, roughly 25 900 dwellings were started in new buildings during the first three quarters of 2014. This is an increase of 23 percent compared to same period in 2013, when construction of 21 067 dwellings was started.

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    Marginal decreases in carbon dioxide emissions within trade and industry

    Between 2008 and 2012 the intensity of carbon dioxide emissions per SEK million has decreased for almost all industries that have a noticeable impact on carbon dioxide emissions. This means that there is a decreased amount of emissions of carbon dioxide gases at the stages of production and manufacturing per each SEK million.

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  • New name for press releases

    Our press releases will now be called statistical news. This only involves a change in names and the statistics that are published under the new name will not be changed.

  • –18.5

    percent was the inflation rate in Sweden in 1921.

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    Statistics Sweden is a government agency that produces statistics. The statistics are used as a basis for decision-making, debates and research. We also have a co­ordinating role for the official statistics of Sweden.


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