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    Households' financial assets exceed SEK ten trillion

    Households' financial assets continued to increase and amounted to over SEK 10 000 billion at the end of the third quarter. Assets in tenant ownership rights and investments in foreign currencies contributed the most to the increase in value.

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    Equal number of children for Swedish born and foreign born women

    Fertility is often only measured within Sweden, and foreign born women then have a higher fertility rate than Swedish born women. Prior to immigration however, foreign born women often have fewer children than Swedish born women. A new report from Statistics Sweden about childbearing of the foreign born – before and after immigration to Sweden shows that Swedish born and foreign born women in total have an equal number of children on average.

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    The Civil Society had an income of SEK 223 billion

    The organisations that comprise the civil society reported a total income amounting to SEK 223 billion in 2012. At the same time, costs amounted to SEK 214 billion. The number of economically active organisations was 88 000 and the total number of organisations was 220 000. This information has been obtained from existing economic statistics and the Business Register at Statistics Sweden.

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    One-or two-dwelling building most common housing

    The most common type of housing in Sweden is to live in a one-or two-dwelling building with ownership rights. 43 percent of households did so in 2013. The next most common type of housing is a rented dwelling in a multi-dwelling building at 29 percent. 20 percent of households lived in owner-occupied apartments in multi-dwelling buildings.

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  • 30 years with Journal of Official Statistics

    Statistics Sweden's Journal of Official Statistics will celebrate its 30th anniversary with a conference in June next year. Poster sessions will be held during the conference where participants can present their own work. The deadline for sending in proposals is 15 January.

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    people have their birthdays on Christmas Eve 24 December. Only 2 other days have a fewer number of births: 26 December and of course 29 February.

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