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    Strengthened trade in services

    Trade in services resulted in a surplus of SEK 30 billion in the second quarter. This can be compared to a surplus of SEK 18 billion in the corresponding quarter last year. Exports of services have increased and amounted to SEK 149 billion. Imports of services have also increased and amounted to SEK 119 billion. Exports of services increased more than imports of services, which led to a strong balance of services.

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    New cars increased by 8.7 percent

    During August 2015 a total of 27 821 passenger cars were newly registered, an increase of 8.7 percent compared to August last year. This is according to Transport Analysis monthly official statistics on newly registered vehicles.

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    Minor increase for service prices second quarter

    The Service Producer Price Index increased by 0.1 percent from the first to the second quarter of 2015. The corresponding change during the previous quarter was an increase of 0.6 percent. Since the second quarter of 2014 the Service Producer Price Index has increased 1.3 percent. The corresponding annual rate for the previous quarter was an upturn of 1.1 percent.

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    Labour costs increased in June

    The Labour Cost Index (AKI) for the private sector in June 2015 was 117.7 for wage-earners and 120.5 for salaried employees. Compared to June 2014, labour costs have increased by 1.5 percent for wage-earners and 3.3 percent for salaried employees.

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    percent of the population were members in a political party last year. The corresponding figure 30 years ago was 15 percent.

  • Praise from Ministry of Finance

    On 18 May the annual goals and results dialogue was held between Statistics Sweden and the Ministry of Finance. At the meeting, State Secretary Annelie Roswall Ljunggren expressed that Statistics Sweden is a well-run government agency. 


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