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General elections, nominated and elected candidates

Upcoming publishing: 2021-01-27

The statistics present nominated, elected and not elected candidates in the Riksdag, county and municipal council elections. The statistics cover information on party affiliation, sex, age, income, education, country of birth and country of citizenship.

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Elected candidates who leave office within a year


Resignations from the Riksdag and municipal councils have decreased one year into the electoral period compared to the previous electoral period, while resignations from regional councils have increased. Resignations at regional council and municipal county level are most common among young elected officials, according to the statistics.

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Title Language Type Date
Elected by the people English Report 2020-03-20
The representatives of democracy – a study about representativity and participation English Rapport 2016-04-06
Elected Representatives in Municipal Councils – A study of how they view their terms in office English Rapport 2013-02-19

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