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Statistics Sweden's cooperation projects around the world

Relevant, independent and reliable statistics are the basic prerequisites for a democratic society. But in many low and middle income countries, including countries seeking EU membership, both resources and capacity are needed to produce and spread official statistics according to international standards.


This is why Statistics has been offering its expertise for 40 years to statistical agencies and statistical systems in low and middle income countries. The purpose is to contribute to better statistics that are more useful. The countries are also strengthened in that independent statistics are produced, communicated and used for decisions, debate, research and follow up.

An important part of our projects is that we work together with our colleagues in the recipient countries. We don't do the job for them but contribute to supplying them with tools and knowledge to be able to do the job themselves.

Long-term projects financed by Sida

The projects are on a long-term basis, and are built on partnership with clear goals and expectations. The cooperation projects often span over several years and include statistics on specific subjects, statistical methods, IT, quality issues as well as dissemination and communication of statistics. Also included are leadership and management of statistical processes and organisation.

Operations are largely financed by the Swedish foreign aid budget through Sida. Statistics Sweden is thus an actor within the Swedish development cooperation work.


International Development Cooperation