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Crime and fear of crime

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Each year since 2006, the Swedish National Council for Crime Prevention (Brå) has been conducting the Swedish Crime Survey (SCS). The SCS is a major survey of exposure to crime, fear of crime, and confidence in the criminal justice system. As of 2019, the Swedish Crime Survey is included in the Official Statistics of Sweden. Read more here: 

The Swedish Crime Survey

200 000 people in Sweden aged 15–84 have been randomly selected to answer questions in a survey. The survey data are compiled to produce statistics, which will be used to describe for example exposure to crime and fear of crime in Sweden.

The Swedish Crime Survey provides answers on crime and safety

Responding to the survey is of course voluntary, but because your participation is important, we hope you will take the time to participate. It is important that as many people as possible respond to the survey, in order to make the results as reliable as possible.

The following are examples of questions asked in the survey:

  • How safe or unsafe do you feel if you go out alone late at night in your neighbourhood?
    • In the past year, has anyone broken into your home to steal something?
    • How much confidence do you have in the police?

The survey is conducted on behalf of the Government. The answers are collected by Statistics Sweden. You yourself can choose whether you wish to answer the questions on paper or online.

If you have been affected by crime and need someone to talk to, you can call:

  • Victim Support Sweden, tel. 0200–21 20 19
  • Bris – Children’s Rights in Society (up to the age of 18), tel. 116 111
  • Sweden’s National Women’s Helpline, tel. 020-50 50 50
  • Mansjouren, tel. 08-30 30 20


Publishing of the results

The Swedish National Council for Crime Prevention will combine your answers with those from all other participants and compile them into statistics. Individual answers will never be shown. The results of the survey will be published in reports and on the Swedish National Council for Crime Prevention´s website.

The Swedish National Council for Crime Prevention’s website 

Legal Information

The answers that you submit in the survey are protected by confidentiality and everyone working on the survey is bound by professional secrecy. Confidentiality applies in accordance with Chapter 24, Section 8 of the Public Access to Information and Secrecy Act (2009:400).

Your personal data will be processed in accordance with the EU General Data Protection Regulation, the Official Statistics Act (2001:99), the Official Statistics Ordinance (2001:100) as well as other prevailing legislation.

More information on how Statistics Sweden processes your personal data is available here:

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