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ICT usage in households and by individuals

The purpose of the survey is to measure and describe the Swedish population aged 16 – 85 years access to and use of the internet, the types of goods and services people choose to purchase online, how they handle IT security issues, the extent to which devices in households are connected to the internet. This survey is common for the EU Member States, which means comparisons between Sweden and other EU Member States can be made on the Eurostat website.

Frequently asked questions

What is the survey for?

The purpose of the survey is to describe how households and individuals use the Internet and technical equipment.

Who is invited to answer the survey?

The survey has been sent to 12 000 persons between ages 16 and 85 who are resident in Sweden.

Why should I participate?

By taking a part in the survey, you help us to describe Internet and technical equipment use in Sweden. If you do not use the Internet and technical equipment, your answers are still important to us.

Participation in the survey ensures that the survey information reflects the Internet use of the Swedish population correctly.

Why have I been chosen for this survey?

You have been randomly selected. Each person in this survey represents many other people in Sweden. For example you represent a group of people who are of the same age as you and who live in the same region.

Without your co-operation, Statistics Sweden could not produce reliable, essential data.

Can I be replaced by someone else?

We are unable to substitute you with someone else. If we did, the selection would no longer be random, which could affect the result.

Who uses the result of the survey?

Once we have collected the answers, we compile them to statistics in the form of tables and figures. The statistics are used by the Ministry of Enterprise and Innovation, the Ministry of Finance, the Swedish Post and Authority, the Swedish Agency for Growth Policy Analysis and the Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth.

The media, industry organizations, companies and the general public are also users of the statistics.

It will not be possible to identify your, or anyone else’s, answers in the statistics.

The survey is common to all EU countries.

Are my answers really protected?

Yes. When the information is presented, no single individual can be identified.

The information you submit is held confidential under Chapter 24, Section 8 of the Public Access to Information and Secrecy Act (2009:400). All those who work with the survey at Statistics Sweden are required to follow the regulations concerning confidentiality and professional secrecy. Rules on handling of personal data are found in the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation, the Official Statistics Act (2001:99) and the Official Statistics Ordinance (2001:100). In addition, there are rules in the Act on supplementary provisions to the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (2018:218) and in regulations issued in association with this Act.

You will find more information on

You are entitled to receive a copy free of charge in the form of what is known as a register abstract of the personal data that is processed by Statistics Sweden in its capacity as data controller. If your request is made in electronic form, you are entitled to receive the register abstract in electronic form. If you feel that Statistics Sweden has processed your personal data in a manner that violates the EU General Data Regulation, in certain case you may be entitled to ask that your data be deleted. Remember to include your civic registration number when you request a register abstract.

Do I receive compensation for my participation in the survey?

No, we are not able to compensate those who participate in the survey.

Publishing of the results

The results of the survey are published on November 17, 2023 on Statistics Sweden’s website. There, you may also find results from previous years’ surveys.

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