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Information about IDEP.WEB

Log on to IDEP.WEB  

To obtain login information, email us your corporate registration number to

  • You can do the reports both manually or import text- and Excel files.
  • You use the same password for both arrival and dispatch.
  • There is a search function to find the right commodity code, there you can also get help if the commodity code has changed.
  • Conversion from other currencies to SEK can be made automatically.
  • You can select your own password.

You can import Excel or text files to IDEP.WEB.

To obtain login information, email us your registration number to


Under Guides you find how to use IDEP.WEB and how to make your own import format for text and Excel files.

Quick guide to IDEP.WEB (pdf)

Importing Excel files to IDEP.WEB (pdf)

Importing Text files to IDEP.WEB (pdf)

Multiple flows Excel to IDEP.WEB (pdf)

Third-party declaration in IDEP.WEB (pdf)

Predefined Excel templates

Below are predefined Excel templates for dispatch and arrivals. When using these templates in IDEP.WEB use file import format “Excellmall_utf” for dispatches and “Excelmall_inf” for arrivals to get a correct reading of the report.

Excel template dispatch (utf) (xlsx)

Excel template arrival (inf) (xlsx)