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  1. Wage and salary structures and employment in the central government sector

    The statistics show salary levels, salary structure, salary trend and employment in the municipal sector by sex, age, region, occupation, education and the extent of the work involved. The corresponding salary statistics are also reported for the county c...

  2. AM0104_DO_2016_LN_170512.pdf

  3. AM0104_DO_2015.pdf

  4. AM0104_BS_2014_LN_150508.pdf

  5. AM0104_STAF_2018_ES_190508.pdf

  6. AM0104_2016A01_SM_AM50SM1701.pdf

  7. Kvalitetsdeklaration-Lönsestrukturstatistik, statlig sektor (SLS) 2021

  8. AM0104_KD_2020_SL_210518.pdf

  9. AM0104_STAF_2020_SL_210518.pdf

  10. Lönestrukturstatistik, statlig sektor 2013 Beskrivning av statistiken