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  1. Population projections

    A population forecast for Sweden is carried out every year, broken down by age, sex and country of birth group. A more comprehensive analysis is carried out every third year of future population trends, where a main alternative and alternative projections...

  2. BE0401_BS_2015-2060.pdf

  3. BE0401_BS_2014-2060.pdf

  4. BE0401_BS_2012-2060.pdf

  5. BE0401_StaF_2010_LL_200217.pdf

  6. BE0401_DO_2016-2060.pdf

  7. Befolkningsframskrivningar 2006

  8. Befolkningsframskrivningar 2010

  9. Statistikens framställning-Befolkningsframskrivningar 2021–2070

  10. Befolkningsframskrivningar 2018-2070 Statistikens framställning