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  1. Registered vehicles

    The purpose of the statistics is to describe the Swedish fleet of vehicles. This applies firstly to the stock of vehicles, new registrations, and regional statistics.

  2. TK1001_BS_2014.pdf

  3. TK1001_BS_2014-månad.pdf

  4. TK1001_DO_2016_TS_170301.pdf

  5. TK1001_BS_2013.pdf

  6. TK1001_BS_2015.pdf

  7. TK1001_BS_2015_månad.pdf

  8. TK1001_BS_2005.pdf

  9. TK1001_BS_2011_manad_.pdf

  10. Statistikregistret för fordon 2013 - månadsstatistik Beskrivning av statistiken