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  1. Community Innovation Survey

    The statistics illustrate innovation activities in Swedish companies with 10 or more employees. Among other things, it demonstrate what kind of innovation the companies introduced and what innovation-related activities were carried out during a reference ...

  2. Community innovation survey 2018-2020

    The purpose of the community innovation survey is to collect data on innovation activities in enterprises, i.e. on product innovation (goods or services) and process innovation (organisational and marketing aspects). The survey also gives information on t...

  3. UF0315_DO_2012-2014_AS_160302.pdf

  4. Innovationsverksamhet i svenska företag 2008-2010 Beskrivning av statistiken

  5. UF0315_BS_2006_2008.pdf

  6. Innovationsverksamhet i Sverige 2010-2012 Beskrivning av statistiken

  7. Innovationsverksamhet i Sverige (CIS) 2012-2014

  8. scbdok - Innovationsverksamhet i Sverige (CIS) 2014-2016

  9. UF0315_BS_2002-2004.pdf

  10. Statistikens Framställning, Innovationsverksamhet i Sverige 2016-2018