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Standard crop production

Official statistics of Sweden

Upcoming publishing: 2023-06-12

The statistics show the expected yield of various crops in normal weather conditions per crop area, county, production area and the country.

These statistics are the responsibility of:
Swedish Board of Agriculture

As from late 2020, these statistics are published in a report and in the Swedish Board of Agriculture database.

Swedish board of agriculture

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Title Language Type Date
Standard yields 2020 Swedish SM 2020-06-12
Standard yields 2019 Swedish SM 2019-06-17
Standard yields 2018 Swedish SM 2018-06-14
Standard yields 2017 Swedish SM 2017-06-15
Standard yields 2016 Swedish with elements of English SM 2016-06-10
Standard yields 2015 Swedish with elements of English SM 2015-06-10
Standard yields 2014 Swedish with elements of English SM 2014-06-05

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