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Orders and turnover in industry

Upcoming publishing: 2019-08-06

The statistics is sample- and register-based and aims to measure short-term changes in new orders and turnover in industry on a monthly basis, in total and by industry, as well as domestic and export market. The survey is coordinated with other economy-based surveys.

Key figures for Sweden

New orders in industry

110.2 index

Index 2015=100

Reference period: May 2019

3.2 %

compared with the same period previous year

1.1 %

compared with the previous period

Statistical news

Orders and turnover in industry, May 2019


Total orders in industry increased by 1.1 percent in May 2019 compared with April, in seasonally adjusted figures. Compared with May 2018, total orders in industry increased by 3.2 percent in calendar-adjusted figures.

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