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General and European Parliament elections, results:

Increase of older voters

Statistical news from Statistics Sweden 2013-10-01 9.30

An increasing percentage of voters will be age 65 or older. In the 2014 election to the Riksdag these people are assumed to constitute 26 percent of all those entitled to vote. At the same time the first time voters are expected to decrease for the first time since 2002. In the municipal elections it is predicted that foreign citizens who are entitled to vote will increase.

Statistic Sweden presents preliminary results of those entitled to vote in the election to the European Parliament, to the Riksdag and to the municipal councils.

In the election to the Riksdag on 14 September, the number of voters is assumed to be about 7 124 000 persons; this is about 150 000 more than in the previous election.

In the election to the municipal councils foreign citizens are entitled to vote if they are members of an EU-country, Island or Norway, or if they been registered in Sweden at least three years on election day. About 499 000 foreign citizens will be entitled to vote in the elections to the municipal councils.

The preliminary results for those entitled to vote in the European Parliament on 25 May elections are similar to the Riksdag election, 7 121 000 persons.

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