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Financial Market Statistics

Upcoming publishing: 2022-09-27

The statistics cover assets and liabilities for monetary financial institutions (MFI, which is a collective name for banks, housing credit institutions and finance companies), the development of the money supply, deposits and lending to households and enterprises, MFIs' cross-border receivables and liabilities and interest rates for loans and deposits.

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The Riksbank

Key figures for Sweden

Growth rate, lending to households

5.9 %

Reference period: July 2022

Growth rate, lending to non-financial corporations

14.5 %

Reference period: July 2022

Average interest rate for households' housing loans

2.50 %

Reference period: July 2022

Statistical news

Financial market statistics, July 2022


In July 2022, the annual growth rate of mortgages to households from monetary financial institutions was 6.2 percent. The growth rate for lending to non-financial corporations was 14.5 percent. Interest rates for new agreements on mortgages have continued to rise in all maturities.

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