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More about the Labour Force Survey

The objectives and usage of the surveys

The Labour Force Survey (LFS) is carried out on an ongoing basis by Statistics Sweden. The objectives of the survey are to describe the current employment conditions and to give information on the development of the labour market.

The results are used, together with other labour market statistics, as the basis for the planning of and decision-making on labour market policy measures, as well as for the follow-up of investment in the labour market. LFS is also an important foundation for general short-term economic evaluations and international comparisons. The results of LFS also provide essential parts of labour market data required for economic and social research. Additionally, the statistics are used generally for mass media information to the public about the labour market.

The most important users of the statistics are the National Labour Market Board, the Ministry of Industry, Employment and Communications, the Ministry of Finance, the National Institute of Economic Research and labour market organisations. LFS is also used in the work of Statistics Sweden, partly for national accounts work, partly for labour force analyses and prognoses. Even the media, radio and TV frequently use the statistics.