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The Swedish time survey 2010:

Men increase their share of unpaid housework

Statistical news from Statistics Sweden 2011-08-31 9.30

Women are spending less time on housework while men are spending more. This is illustrated in Statistics Sweden’s time use survey. On average, women spent 14 minutes less on unpaid housework per day in 2010 compared to 2000. Men spent more time on unpaid housework compared to 2000; in total men worked 11 minutes longer on average.

Altogether women today spend an average of 4 hours on unpaid household tasks. Even though men have increased their share of unpaid housework they spend an average of 45 minutes less on housework than women do.

Instead women spend more and more time in gainful employment, or 21 minutes more a day while that time for men has decreased by 14 minutes. Thus the total time spent on gainful employment and housework is equal for women and men, or about 7 hours and 20 minutes per day.

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