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Social protection expenditure and receipts in Sweden and Europe (ESSPROS)

Official statistics of Sweden

Upcoming publishing: 2023-03-31

ESSPROS stands for European System of integrated Social Protection Statistics, a harmonised system providing a means of analysing and comparing social protection financial flows. This system has been developed by Eurostat in collaboration with the member states and the data are drawn up according to the ESSPROS Manual. Expenditure of social protection schemes is broken down into social benefits, administration costs and other expenditure. Receipts of social protection schemes comprise social contributions, general government contributions and other receipts.

Statistical news

Expenditure on social protection increased in relation to GDP


Social protection expenditures as a share of GDP increased from 27.7 percent in 2019 to 29.6 percent in 2020. Social protection expenditures in current prices increased, while the GDP decreased.

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