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Municipal taxes 2020

Total municipal tax rate to rise SEK 0.09 on average next year

Statistical news from Statistics Sweden 2019-12-17 9.30

The total municipal tax rate will be raised on average and amount to 32.28 percent in 2020. The municipal tax rate consists of two parts – a municipal tax rate and a regional tax rate. The municipal tax rate will increase by SEK 0.02 on average, while the regional tax rate will increase by SEK 0.07 on average.

Municipal tax 20,75 20,74 20,70 20,72
County council tax 11,36 11,39 11,49 11,56
Total municipal tax rate
32,12 32,12 32,19 32,28

* The figure for 2017 and 2018 do not sum up due to rounding.

Lowest tax rate in Österåker municipality again

Österåker municipality, in which the total tax rate is 29.18 percent, once again has the lowest total rate in the country, unchanged from 2019. The inhabitants in Dorotea muncipality have the highest total tax rate in the country, 35.15 percent, unchanged from 2019.

Seven municipalities to raise tax rate by more than SEK 1

The total tax rate will be increased in 61 municipalities next year. Seven of these municipalities will raise the total tax rate next year by more than 1 percentage point, which corresponds to SEK 1. Ödeshög municipality, where the tax rate next year will be 34.15 percent, will account for the largest increase, SEK 1.85 more in total tax rate than a year ago. In Hammarö, Ydre, Danderyd, Åtvidaberg, Mönsterås, and Mörbylånga municipalities, the tax rate will be raised by at least SEK 1.29.

Five regions to raise the regional tax rate next year

The regional tax rate will be raised next year in five regions. The highest increase of regional tax rate, SEK 0.85, will be in Region Östergötland. Region Halland, Region Jämtland Härjedalen, Region Kalmar and Region Västerbotten have also decided to raise the regional tax rate next year.

One county to shift taxation concerning public transport

One county, Region Västerbotten, will apply a tax shift next year concerning public transport. This tax shift will lead to a redistribution of the tax levy, that is, the municipal tax rate will decrease and the regional tax rate will be increased by the corresponding proportion. The tax shift will correspond to SEK 0.05 per SEK 100 earned.

Tax base increased by 3.7 percent

The total national tax base increased by 3.7 percent between fiscal years 2017 and 2018. The tax base increased the most in Ekerö municipality, by 8.4 percent.

The tax capacity, which is based on the taxable earned income and population of Sweden in 2018, amounted to SEK 221 097 per inhabitant, which corresponds to an increase of 2.6 percent.

Funeral fee diminished

From 2017, a uniform funeral fee applies in all municipalities except Stockholm and Tranås. In 2020, this uniform funeral fee will be SEK 0.250, which is a small decrease compared with SEK 0.253 in 2019. The funeral fee applies to all persons with registered residence in areas where the Church of Sweden is responsible for funeral activities.

In Stockholm and Tranås, the municipality is responsible for funeral activities. This means that inhabitants in these municipalities pay a funeral fee that differs from the uniform fee. In 2020, the funeral fee will be SEK 0.065 in Stockholm, while in Tranås the fee will be SEK 0.24. The average national funeral fee will be SEK 0.23, which means the average fee rate remains unchanged compared with a year ago

Correction 2020-01-17

Updated local tax rate regarding the municipality of Malå and Vännäs will be published on January 17, 2020. The revision of the local tax rate regarding municipalities will also have an impact on the total local tax rate. The national average and the county average for Västerbotten county are unaffected by this revision.

Definitions and explanations

The total municipal tax rate consists of a municipal and a regional tax rate. Tax base refers to the taxable earned income of physical persons in year t-2. Tax capacity is defined as the tax base per inhabitant. The average national tax rate is calculated by weighing the total municipal tax rate with the tax base in each municipality.

Tax rates that are published in this item of statistical news are based on data registered with the Swedish Tax Agency by 30 November 2019. Any tax rates reported to the Swedish Tax Agency after this date are not included in this item of statistical news and will be published in January.

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