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Keywords with YES/NO option


If the contents of the table cannot be added, contains for instance index och average, the keyword AGGREGALLOWED=NO; is used to stop the user from making a sum.
If the keyword is missing aggregations are allowed.


If the file is published on the Internet and the user selects a number of variables and values it is possible to remove the windows "Select variables and values" in PC-Axis and instead show the complete table in PC-Axis when the file is downloaded. AUTOPEN=YES;.


If COPYRIGHT=YES the copyright refers to the organization given in SOURCE. Is shown together with footnotes.


DAYADJ=YES means that data is adjusted e.g. to take into account the number of working days. If there is a contents variable the keyword would be DAYADJ("value")=YES.


For some languages it is difficult to build a table title dynamically. The keyword DESCRIPTIONDEFAULT=YES; means that the text after keyword Description will be used as title for the table.


This keyword is used to get code and text in separate columns for the specified variable DOUBLECOLUMN("region")=YES;. On screen it only has effect if the user selects presentation in matrix format.


States if and how a variable may be eliminated in a table. If the key word is written as ELIMINATION("variable name")="value name" this value will be used as an elimination value if the user does not select the variable to the table. If the key word is written ELIMINATION("variable name")=YES this means that the variable will be eliminated by the summing up of all the values for that variable in the file.


SEASADJ=YES means that data is seasonally adjusted. If there is a contents vaiables it would be SEASADJ("value")=YES.