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PxWeb is used for publishing statistics in a data base at the web and is since 1 January 2016 free of charge for Swedish government agencies and municipalities, international NSI:s and international organisations of statistics.

PxWeb 2020 v1

PxWeb 2020 v1 was released March 2020.

News in PxWeb 2020 v1 (pdf)

Conditions regarding use of PxWeb

The receiving authority / organisation are responsible for handling the tool on their own using the instructions supplied with the tool. The access to PxWeb does not include ongoing support, any promises of further development or any guarantee against errors in the program and any use shall be at the users own risk.

Adaptations to the recipient's IT environment or support regarding major technical problems are not normally offered. Consultation can be agreed in specific cases and handled as a commission.

Access to the tool does not involve the right to actively disseminate it further outside the organisation. Statistics Sweden wishes to be informed on matters relating to the request for access to an IT tool developed by Statistics Sweden.

Apply for access by sending an e-mail to

PxWeb as open source (Github): (external)