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Save your search in the Statistical Database

Here we describe step by step how you can easily return to the search you made in the Statistical Database. You receive the retrieval exactly as you have formulated it and in the format that you saved it.

Step 1: Make a retrieval and change it

Search for a table

Search for a table, such as Population by region, marital status, age and sex. Select variables and years, for instance Population broken down by men and women in Stockholm and Norbotten Counties 2010 - 2013.

For help with retrievals, see How to make a table from the Statistical Database (pdf)

By clicking "change and calculate" you can choose to turn the table "pivot clockwise" a step to have the years as row headings instead.

Table with Stockholm and Norrbotten county 2010 - 2013

When you are satisfied with your retrieval and would like to save it for later, or would like to share it, click on Save your retrieval.

Save your retrieval

Step 2: Choose alternatives on how time should be updated in your search.

When you have chosen to save your search, you have three alternatives for how the time period should be displayed the next time you run your search. In this example we assume that new information for 2014 is available since you last saved the search.

 Alternative 1: Show the same search and add new time periods (fixed starting time). 

With this alternative, new years are added to our table. 2010 remains as the starting time and the time period 2010 - 2014 will be shown the next time your search is made.

Fixed starttime: Table with 2010 - 2014

Alternative 2: Show the same number of time periods and update with new times (rolling starting time)

With this alternative, new years are added but not as many years are shown as in our first search (4 years in the example). 2011 will be a new starting time in the table the next time the search runs and the time period 2011 - 2014 will be shown.

Rolling starting time: Table with 2011 - 2014

Alternative 3: Show the same search again

With this alternative no updated time periods are shown and the tables look the same as in the searches we made. The time period is the same, 2010 - 2013.

Table with Stockholm and Norrbotten county 2010 - 2013 

Step 3: Choose the format for your search

When you have chosen how your search should be updated, you need to choose the format you want the next time you run your search.

Save result as: Sama as on screen, PC-Axisfile, txt-file, excel  or Json

In this example we choose what is shown on the screen and finish our search.

Step 4: Saving the search as a link

When you click Finish, a link to your search is created that you can use the next time you want to make the same search.You can save, copy or send it as an e-mail. The alternatives look a little different in the various webbrowsers.


Send as e-mail

Explorer and Firefox 

Bookmark, Copy, Send as e-mail

The next time you run your search, the retrieval will be shown according to the alternative you chose.


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