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Foreign trade credits (HKU)

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This survey presents quarterly estimates of the foreign trade credits of non-financial corporations. The results are used when calculating the yearly and quarterly National Accounts at Statistics Sweden. The results are also used by the Riksbank when compiling the balance of payments. Other users are the National Institute of Economic Research and the Ministry of Finance.


Read the instructions before you start, it makes the work easier.

Instructions in English (pdf)

Time plan

Foreign trade credits is a quarterly survey and a letter with user id and password is sent out at the end of every quarter. The mail-in date is the 20th the month after the end of the quarter.

Your response

The obligation to provide information is mandatory under the Official Statistics Act (2001:99). The statistics for this survey are also regulated according to the Official Statistics Ordinance (2001:100) and SCB's Regulation (SCB-FS 2012:5).

The information that is submitted to Statistics Sweden is protected according to chapter 24 section 8 of the Public Access to Information and Secrecy Act (2009:400). When the information is published, no single workplace or enterprise will be able to be identified. Consultation has taken place with the Swedish Better Regulation Council.

Frequently asked questions

Which corporations are included in the survey?

The sample is drawn from all non-financial corporations with a sum of foreign accounts receivable/payable of three million SEK up to 400 million SEK. Corporations with more than 400 million SEK in foreign accounts receivable/payable are always included in the survey

Can we get a respite?

Contact us if you are not able to send in the survey on time. There is usually no problem to extend the response time with one or two weeks, but you make our work easier by sending an e-mail or making a phone call. Don’t forget to mention your corporate identity number.

Is it possible to adjust incorrect data from previous quarters?
It is possible to adjust the opening balance if it is incorrect. If you do, please write a comment at the last page of the form so we can correct the earlier data if necessary.

When should I tick the checkbox?

You should tick the checkbox if you have filled in an amount of revaluations on one row that actually applies to several rows. If you for example are unable to distribute the revaluations between group corporations and other corporations you can enter the value on one of the rows and then tick the checkbox. We will then distribute the value for you. Please write a comment on which rows the amount belongs to. You can also enter more than one amount, for example if you have one value for accounts receivable and one for accounts payable, but you can not divide them between group corporations and other corporations.

How are revaluations reported?

Revaluations are often both difficult and time-consuming to calculate. It might be easier to calculate the transactions. The difference between the opening and closing balances are transactions and revaluations so Closing balance – Opening balance – Transactions = Revaluations. You can also estimate the revaluations if you know the approximate amount. If you know the total amount of revaluations but can’t specify them for each row, you can put the amount on one row and tick the checkbox. Then we will estimate the distribution between the variables. Please write a comment on which rows the amount belongs to.

Can we fill out a paper form?

We don’t use paper forms any more but there is an empty Excel-form that you can fill out and send to us by e-mail or regular mail.

Publishing of the results

The results of the survey are published under the subject area Business activities. The data is also included as a part of the Financial accounts.

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