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Swedens population 2020 – population changes

Smallest population increase in 15 years

Statistical news from Statistics Sweden 2021-03-18 9.30

In 2020, 80 175 people were granted Swedish citizenship, which is 25 percent more than in 2019. A majority of the new Swedish citizens were men, although women accounted for the largest increase. Both immigration and average life expectancy were affected in the wake of the pandemic. In 2020, immigration to Sweden declined by 29 percent. The largest decrease in relative terms was among refugees/persons eligible for subsidiary protection and family members of refugees. Immigration from both these groups dropped by more than 50 percent in 2020 compared with the previous year. The large number of deaths in 2020 led the average life expectancy of men to drop the same level as in 2016. The average life expectancy of women was affected to a somewhat smaller extent, and fell to the same level as in 2018. This was the largest decline in average life expectancy between two years since the 1940s.

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