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Statistics Sweden’s Business Register – services

Statistics Sweden’s Business Register offers many opportunities.

Statistics Sweden’s Business Register contains all companies and local units in Sweden. You can order a list of companies from Statistics Sweden, according to your preferred criteria, such as industry classification, size or area. In this way, you can find new potential business partners and customers and make your marketing activities more efficient.

Addresses to companies and local units

 Fixed rate SEKExcel/Text
all variables
name and addresses
Addresses to enterprises and local units
500 1.50 1.00
Combined with
Statistical sample
1 500 2.00 1.50 

Minimum charge SEK 1 000 

VAT will be added to all prices.

Quantity discount when purchase includes over 4 000 addresses. 

You can also order tailored tables on Swedish companies’ progress over the past 40 years.

Quotes are given on request, based on complexity and size of table.

Export and import register

By using information from Swedish Customs and Intrastat (for exports and imports in the EU), Statistics Sweden can select companies that exported and imported goods in the previous year. To reach companies you are interested in, Statistics Sweden can supply information about the companies’ export and import turnover (shown in size classes).

Companies with export and/or import

 Fixed rate SEKExcel/Text
Export/import companies 500 5.00

Minimum charge SEK 1 000

VAT will be added to all prices.

Quantity discount when purchase includes over 500 addresses. 

Information in the Swedish Business Register 

List of information included when ordering a list of companies from us in an excel-file: 

  • The Name of the Company or the Natural person/sole trader/sole proprietor
  • The Natural person/sole trader/sole proprietor´s firm (name of business) and for other legal forms the designation of the head office
  • Street Address
  • Town
  • Postal Address incl c/o address
  • Postal Code
  • Postal Town
  • National dialing code + telephone number 
  • Municipality
  • Aregion (01-70), regional division based on municipality code
  • Municipality where the board has its seat
  • Size class based on number of employees
  • Primary Activity by SE-SIC 2007
  • Subordinate Activities
  • Startup date
  • Legal Form
  • Number of local units the company has registered in Sweden
  • Number of firms the Natural person/sole trader/sole proprietor has registered
  • The company´s unique identity number or the Natural person/sole trader/sole proprietor's social security number 

It is also possible to order information about; 

  • Turnover (in intervals) for company
  • Publically controlled unit
  • Information regarding registrations of VAT/employer/F-tax
  • Head office or secondary local unit
  • Foreign owned establishments, company group
  •  Export/Import includes;
    • Export/Import of goods turnover intervals
    • Group of countries an establishment has had export/import to