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Advisory Council at Statistics Sweden

Statistics Sweden has an Advisory Council that works for transparency and assists the Director General with advice. The Director General is the chair and is responsible for keeping the representatives informed about our operations.

The work of the council follows the ordinance with the instructions for Statistics Sweden (2016:822) and the Government Agencies Ordinance (2007:515).

The members of Statistics Sweden’s Advisory Council


Joakim Stymne, Director General, Statistics Sweden


•Robert Bergqvist, Chief Economist, SEB
•Helena Hagberg, Head of Sustainability, Skandia
•Amy Loutfi, Professor, Örebro University
•Clas Olsson, Director-General, Swedish National Financial Management Authority
•Annika Wallenskog, Chief Economist, Swedish Association of Local Authorities and Regions
•Maria Abrahamsson, Professor, Chalmers University of Technology, and member of the Centre Party district council in Göteborg
•Gunilla Carlsson, Member of the Riksdag (S)
•Erik Westroth, Member of the Riksdag (SD)
•Joakim Sandell, Member of the Riksdag (S)
•Fredrik Ahlstedt, Member of the Riksdag och Acting Deputy Minister (M)