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Sales of fertilisers for agricultural and horticultural purposes 2018/2019

No upturn in sales of fertilisers despite increased crop production

Statistical news from Statistics Sweden 2020-04-29 9.30

Sales of nitrogen in mineral fertilisers from July 2018 to June 2019 were at the same level as a year ago and amounted to 182 700 tonnes. Sales of phosphorus were 10 percent lower than a year ago and amounted to 12 800 tonnes.

Sales of potassium were 8 percent lower than a year ago and amounted to 27 000 tonnes. Sulphur sales amounted to 26 900 tonnes, down 11 percent compared to a year ago.

The phosphorus fertilisers contained about 97 kg of cadmium, which corresponds to 7.6 g per tonne phosphorus.

The statistics on sales of fertilisers include fertilisers for agricultural and horticultural purposes. This data is collected from manufacturers, importers and trading companies of fertilisers.

Results can vary between years, depending on stock changes at the farms, expected price changes, and changes in taxes and charges. In such cases, the results do not reflect actual use. Normally, high price levels on crop outputs increase the optimal nitrogen fertilisation level.

The cultivation of winter crops, sown in autumn 2018, reached record highs in 2019. The dry summer in 2018 led to lower yields than expected and lowered the crop requirements of plant nutrients. The fertilisers that remained in stock from 2018 were probably used in 2019 instead, since there was a significant increase in crop production between the years, although sales of fertilisers in 2019 were at the same level or even lower than in 2018.

Farmers’ fertiliser application rates vary according to soil type, season, crop variety, farm policy, and more. More detailed information on the use and handling of fertilisers, based on interviews with farmers, is published intermittently. Data for 2015/16 is available in the report “Use of fertilisers and animal manure in agriculture in 2015/16” (MI 30 SM 1702).


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