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Investment funds 1st quarter, 2022

Fund wealth reduces

Statistical news from Statistics Sweden and Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority 2022-05-25 8.00

Total fund wealth in Swedish registered funds amounted to SEK 6 228 billion at the end of the first quarter of 2022. This is a decrease of SEK 511 billion compared to the previous quarter. During the first quarter of the year, fund wealth decreased due to negative net investments and a weak stock market development. Total fund wealth decreased by approximately 7.6 percent, which is the first the time fund wealth have decreased since the pandemic hit in the first quarter of 2020.

First quarter in brief:

  • Total net sales amounted to SEK 37 billion.
  • The households net sales amounted to SEK 15 billion.
  • Other domestic owners was the sector with the lowest decline in percentage, 4.2 percent.
  • Foreign owners holdings in Swedish registered funds declined with SEK 18 billion to SEK 368 billion.
  • Equity funds had the largest decline of SEK 391 billion during the first quarter, due to a negative stock market and net sales of SEK 34 billion.
  • Mixed funds had the second largest decline of SEK 46 billion followed by Fund of funds with a decline of SEK 45 billion.
  • Households’ directly-owned fund wealth amounted to SEK 1 123 billion during the first quarter. It is SEK 113 billion less compared to the previous quarter and SEK 83 billion more compared to the first quarter 2020.
  • In the households sector, the largest decrease was in equity funds, SEK 82 billion.

Swedish krona exchange rate

The average price for one Euro in the quarter was SEK 10.48 compared to SEK 10.13 in the previous quarter. The average price for one US dollar was SEK 9.34 compared to SEK 8.85 in the previous quarter. The effect of these rates is that the funds' investments in Euro and US dollars increase in value in terms of Swedish Kronor.

Number of active funds in the statistics

During the first quarter, 10 new funds were started and 9 previously active funds were closed or merged. A total of 800 active Swedish funds were listed, which is a net increase of one compared to previous quarters.

Total fund wealth, SEK billions
Investment funds 1st quarter, 2022

Source: Statistics Sweden

Net investments in investment funds
Investment funds 1st quarter, 2022

Source: Statistics Sweden

Definitions and explanations

The statistics include investment funds registered in Sweden. Both mutual funds and special funds are included in the statistics. The other funds category includes funds that could not be classified under any other category, such as Hedge Funds.

The Swedish financial companies sector includes, for example, mutual fund insurance and premium pension savings and holdings in managed depots that may have households as the final owner.

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