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Investment funds – assets and liabilities, 4th quarter 2016:

Fund wealth continues to increase

Statistical news from Statistics Sweden and Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority 2017-02-20 9.30

The total fund wealth of Swedish-registered investment funds amounted to SEK 3 346 billion at the end of 2016. This is an increase of SEK 141 billion compared with the previous quarter. Households’ directly owned fund wealth contributed SEK 17 billion to the increase.

The market development and net savings both contributed positively to the increase of SEK 141 billion at the end of the fourth quarter. The market development contributed slightly over SEK 100 billion and total net savings contributed SEK 41 billion. Equity funds in particular contributed to net savings of SEK 41 billion. Net inflow in the fourth quarter came mainly from Swedish financial corporations, which had SEK 37 billion in net savings. A part of this amount comprises households’ indirect holdings of funds via the premium pension, which, as in previous years, increased in the fourth quarter, amounting to SEK 32 billion. Following two quarters of negative net savings, foreign investors had SEK 3 billion in net savings, making it the second largest sector to contribute to net savings in the fourth quarter.

Total fund wealth (SEK billions)

Fund savings of households

Households’ directly owned fund wealth in Swedish-registered funds increased by SEK 17 billion in the last quarter and amounted to SEK 636 billion at the end of December. Net savings amounted to SEK 1 billion and was also positive for this quarter, although it was lower than for the previous quarter. The remaining SEK 16 billion of households’ increased fund wealth was a result of the positive market development. Households’ net savings was largest in the fund category fund of funds, SEK 3 billion, while other fund categories had modest or negative net savings.

Fund categories

The equity fund category has once again increased the most during the quarter. Fund wealth in equity funds increased by SEK 113 billion and amounted to SEK 1 742 billion in total. SEK 34 billion of the increase was due to a positive net inflow and savings. Fund wealth in mixed funds and other funds also increased, by slightly over SEK 16 billion and SEK 11 billion respectively. Fund wealth in money market funds continued to drop and amounted to SEK 380 billion.

Fund wealth, 4th quarter, 2016
 All sectorsHouseholds
 SEK millionsShare in
SEK millionsShare in
Fund wealth, Total
3 345 572 100 635 694 100
Equity funds
1 741 714 52 324 717 51
Mixed funds
454 428 14 117 100 18
Fund of funds
401 445 12 86 617 14
Bond and money
market funds
380 371 11 67 891 11
Other funds
367 614 11 39 370 6


Weaker Swedish krona

The average exchange rate for one euro was SEK 9.75 in the fourth quarter, compared with SEK 9.51 in the third quarter.

The Swedish krona also weakened against the US dollar in the fourth quarter. The average exchange rate for one US dollar in the fourth quarter was SEK 9.04, compared with SEK 8.52 in the third quarter.

Investments in foreign currency are affected by the development of the exchange rate, and a weaker krona increases the value of these holdings when converted to Swedish kronor. The development of the Swedish krona against the euro during the quarter has contributed to the increase in value of investments in euros. The development of the Swedish krona against the US dollar has likewise contributed to the increase.

Definitions and explanations

The statistics cover Swedish-registered investment funds. Both mutual funds and special funds are included in the statistics. The category "Other funds" includes funds that could not be classified according to any other category, such as hedge funds.


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