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Policies for Statistics Sweden's Statistics Operations

Statistics Sweden has produced a number of policies that affect statistics operations. Here is a selection of those that have been translated into English.

Data protection policy

Statistics Sweden’s data protection policy fulfils two main purposes. The first is to describe the rules in the GDPR that are essential for Statistics Sweden in a more accessible format and to explain how the agency interprets these rules. The second purpose is to enable Statistics Sweden to acquire certain certifications which require the presence of a data protection policy.

Statistics Sweden’s data protection policy (pdf)

Quality Policy

The Quality Policy includes quality of the statistics, processes and operations. It describes the overall guidelines for Statistics Sweden's quality work.

Statistics Sweden's Quality Policy (pdf) 

Revision Policy

A revision means that a previously disseminated statistical value is changed. The revision policy applies to statistics for which Statistics Sweden is responsible.

Statistics Sweden's Revision policy (pdf) 

Environmental Policy

According to the ordinance on environmental management in government agencies (2009:907), Statistics Sweden is required to establish an environmental policy for operations. The Environmental Policy is intended to contribute to sustainable development and to reach the national environmental quality goals.

Statistics Sweden's Environmental Policy (pdf)