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Statistical Reports, published 1912–1953/1967

Last updated: 2019-06-05

When Statistisk tidskrift (Statistical review) was discontinued in 1913, a new channel was needed to present occasional surveys and certain monthly statistics. The result was the new series Statistiska meddelanden (Statistical Reports) which included five sub-series.

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Series B was originally intended to include monthly and quarterly statistics from the proposed "Statistiska centralverket". Statistiska centralverket was never established, and Statistics Sweden chose other channels and did not use the letter "B".

When the Statistical review changed course in 1963, the stencilled publications were gathered and delivered to Statistics Sweden's library with the label:

Statistical Reports began in 1963 with a series classification that is partly in use today.

Statistical Reports 1963–2001

Digitisation of lists of Statistical Reports 1963 2001 is divided into three files:


The lists are intended to be main entrances to individual Statistical Reports, as the Statistical Report is digitised it will be linked from each list.

Since 2002 the Statistical Reports have been published via Statistics Sweden's  publishing calendar.