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Balance of Payments (BoP)

Upcoming publishing: 2020-03-09

This statistical data covers real and cross-border financial transactions. Balance of payments is divided into the current account, the capital account and the financial account. The international investment position shows a country's total net debt.

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Balance of payments, first half of 2019


Swedish holdings in foreign portfolio assets increased in the first half of 2019. Total holdings amounted to SEK 5 903.7 billion at the end of June 2019, which was an increase of 14.8 percent compared with the end of 2018. This is the largest percentage increase over a six-month period since six-month measurements were launched in June 2015.

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Title Language Type Date
Balance of payments 2016 English Report 2017-03-01
Balance of payments 2016 English Report 2017-02-23
Direct Investment 2015 English Report 2016-12-12
Direct Investment 2015 English Report 2016-12-12

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