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System of Environmental and Economic Accounts

Upcoming publishing: 2020-01-30

The Environmental Accounts provide a systematic description of the relationship between the environment and the economy and can be used for analyses of various types. They function as a satellite system to the National Accounts, presenting environmentally related physical and economic information for industries, the public sector and households. They also provide information for analyzing environmental and economic policies and is used for developing indicators for sustainable development.

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Environmental accounts - Economy-wide material flow accounts 1998–2018


The rising trend in natural resource extraction, underway since 1998, slowed in 2018 as a result of a summer drought, followed by crop failure. In 2018, 252 million tonnes of natural resources were extracted in Sweden and material consumption also amounted to 252 million tonnes, which is 24.7 tonnes per person.

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The economic structures and environmental pressure in the Swedish river basin districts English Report 2019-12-16

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