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JOS archive (1985–2012)

Here you find JOS articles from 1985 to 2012. All articles are in PDF format and in full text. You are free to use and download the articles as long as you mention the source (JOS: Statistics Sweden). Articles from 2013 and forward are found at JOS' website

Articles from 2013 and forward are found at scb.se/jos.

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Title Author Volume:Issue Month Year Key words
Letter to the Editor, A New Functional Form for Price Indexes' Elementary Aggregates (pdf) 10:1 March 1994
Disclosure Control for Census Microdata (pdf) Chris Skinner, Catherine Marsh, Stan Openshaw, and Colin Wymer 10:1 March 1994 Disclosure control; disclosure risk; identification; population uniqueness.
Estimating the Size of Hidden Populations Using Snowball Sampling (pdf) Ove Frank and Tom Snijders 10:1 March 1994 Network sampling; random graphs; link-tracing designs.
Household Income Reporting: An Analysis of U.S. Consumer Expenditure Survey Data (pdf) Thesia I. Garner and Laura A. Blanciforti 10:1 March 1994 Incomplete income response; household survey data; socioeconomic characteristics; expenditures; binomial logit analysis.
Miscellanea, Electronic Data Collection at the National Center for Education Statistics: Successes in the Collection of Library Data (pdf) Carrol Benner Kindel 10:1 March 1994 Survey; processing; diskette; PC software; methods.
Conflicts Between the Needs for Access to Statistical Information and Demands for Confidentiality (pdf) Stephen E. Fienberg 10:2 June 1994 Cell suppression; confidentiality; intruders; masking; microdata access; probabilistic data disclosure.
Cost-Efficiency and the Number of Allowable Call Attempts in the National Health Interview Survey (pdf) William D. Kalsbeek, Steven L. Botman, James T. Massey, and Pao-Wen Liu 10:2 June 1994 Nonresponse; callbacks; survey cost; design optimization.
Estimating Totals and Distribution Functions Using Auxiliary Information at the Estimation Stage (pdf) J.N.K. Rao 10:2 June 1994 Calibration estimators; conditional probability sampling approach; model-assisted approach.
Bayesian Predictive Inference for Multivariate Sample Surveys (pdf) Balgobin Nandram 10:2 June 1994 Deleted residuals; Gibbs sampler; longitudinal; mean squared error; re-transformation; two-stage sampling.
Decentralised CATI Versus Paper and Pencil Interviewing: Effects on the Results in the Swedish Labour Force Surveys (pdf) Lars R. Bergman, Karl-Erik Kristiansson, Anita Olofsson, and Margaretha Säfström 10:2 June 1994 CATI; CAPI; computer assisted interviewing; telephone interviewing; data quality; measurement error; labour force survey.
Audio and Video Computer Assisted Self-Interviewing: Preliminary Tests of New Technologies for Data Collection (pdf) James M. O'Reilly, Michael L. Hubbard, Judith T. Lessler, Paul P. Biemer, and Charles F. Turner 10:2 June 1994 Survey measurement; survey technology; computer assisted interviewing (CAI); Audio-CASI; Video-CASI; self-administered questionnaires; sensitive behaviors; sexual behavior measurement; drug use measurement; income measurement.
Miscellanea, Training Government Statisticians in Zimbabwe – An Update (pdf) Mark Woodward 10:2 June 1994 Zimbabwe; training; manpower development.
In Other Journals, THE REVIEW OF INCOME AND WEALTH (pdf) 10:2 June 1994
Book Reviews (pdf) 10:2 June 1994
Experiments with Variance Estimation from Survey Data with Imputed Values (pdf) Hyunshik Lee, Eric Rancourt, and Carl E. Särndal 10:3 September 1994 Model-assisted approach; ratio imputation; multiple imputation; Monte Carlo study.
Analysis of Sample Based Capture-Recapture Experiments (pdf) Juha M. Alho 10:3 September 1994 Catch effort; Horvitz-Thompson; optimization; post enumeration survey; variance estimation.
Respondent Strategies for Recall of Crime Victimization Incidents (pdf) Ronald Czaja, Johnny Blair, Barbara Bickart, and Elizabeth Eastman 10:3 September 1994 Recall errors; memory search; anchor points; length of reference period; response errors; questionnaire design.
Differences in the Measurement of Employment in the Labour Force Surveys in the European Community (pdf) Aloïs Van Bastelaer 10:3 September 1994 Employment measurement; international comparability; questionnaire design.
Continuous Quality Improvement for Survey Operations: Some General Principles and Applications (pdf) Paul Biemer and Rachel Caspar 10:3 September 1994 Total Quality Management; industry and occupation coding; quality control.
Problems of Screening for Poverty Status (pdf) John F. Moeller and Nancy A. Mathiowetz 10:3 September 1994 Measurement error; oversampling; misclassification; statistical modeling; expected income.
Miscellanea, Statistical Standards: A Global Perspective (pdf) Edward G. Schilling 10:3 September 1994 Standards; ISO; IEC; ASTM; ASQC.
In Other Journals, SURVEY METHODOLOGY, A Journal Published by Statistics Canada, Volume 20, Number 1, June 1994 (pdf) 10:3 September 1994
Book Reviews (pdf) 10:3 September 1994
The Relative Empirical Validity of Dependent and Independent Data Collection in a Panel Survey (pdf) Daniel H. Hill 10:4 December 1994 Panel surveys; change measures; measurement error.
Variance Estimation for the Regression Imputed Horvitz-Thompson Estimator (pdf) Jean-Claude Deville and Carl-Erik Särndal 10:4 December 1994 Nonresponse; imputation; auxiliary information; unconfounded response mechanism; model assisted inference.
A Method for Variance Estimation of Non-Linear Functions of Totals in Surveys – Theory and Software Implementation (pdf) Claes Andersson and Lennart Nordberg 10:4 December 1994 Survey sampling; variance estimation; statistical software.
Reweighting and Variance Estimation for the Characteristics of Business Owners Survey (pdf) Phillip S. Kott 10:4 December 1994 Unit nonresponse; quasi-randomization; parametric model; quasi-design unbiased.
Optimal Winsorizing Cutoffs for a Stratified Finite Population Estimator (pdf) P.N. Kokic and P.A. Bell 10:4 December 1994 Finite population; expansion estimator; Winsorized estimator; simple random sampling.
Significance Editing in the Australian Survey of Average Weekly Earnings (pdf) David Lawrence and Chris McDavitt 10:4 December 1994 Data quality; editing; respondent burden; respondent re-contact; survey costs.
Miscellanea, Automated Coding of Census Data (pdf) Damir Kalpic´ 10:4 December 1994 Character recognition; coding algorithm; intelligent optic readers.
Special Note, Announcement, LIS Scandinavian/European Workshop (pdf) 10:4 December 1994
Book Review (pdf) 10:4 December 1994
Corrigendum (pdf) 10:4 December 1994
Editorial Collaborators (pdf) 10:4 December 1994
Controlling Invasion of Privacy in Surveys of Change Over Time – A Non-Technical Review (pdf) Tore Dalenius 11:1 March 1995
ISI: Towards the 21st Century (pdf) Zoltan Kenessey 11:1 March 1995
Changes in Statistical Technology (pdf) Wouter J. Keller 11:1 March 1995 Information technology; Official statistics; EDI; electronic dissemination.
Challenges Facing the United Kingdom Central Statistical Office (pdf) William McLennan 11:1 March 1995
Preface (pdf) 11:1 March 1995
The Statistical Profession and the Chartered Statistician (CStat) (pdf) T.M.F. Smith 11:1 March 1995 Certification; professionalism; statistical associations.
Planning the Methodology Work Program in a Statistical Agency (pdf) Susan Linacre 11:1 March 1995
Ten Years of the Journal of Official Statistics (pdf) Fritz Scheuren 11:1 March 1995
Methods for Design Effects (pdf) Leslie Kish 11:1 March 1995
A Decade of Questions (pdf) Nora Cate Schaeffer 11:1 March 1995
Theoretical Motivation for Post-Survey Nonresponse Adjustment in Household Surveys (pdf) Robert M. Groves and Mick P. Couper 11:1 March 1995
Relevant Official Statistics, Some Reflections on Conceptual and Operational Issues (pdf) Tore Dalenius 1:1 March 1985
Increasing Response to Personally-Delivered Mail-Back Questionnaires (pdf) Don A. Dillman, Dana E. Dolsen, and Gary E. Machlis 11:2 June 1995 Mail survey; response rate; social exchange; foot-in-the-door.
Data Quality in a CAPI Survey: Keying Errors (pdf) Lynn Dielman and Mick P. Couper 11:2 June 1995 Computer assisted interviewing; interviewer errors.
Understanding the Standardized/Non-Standardized Interviewing Controversy (pdf) Paul Beatty 11:2 June 1995 Survey research interviewing; data collection; open-ended questions.
The Evolution and Development of Agricultural Statistics at the United States Department of Agriculture (pdf) Frederic A. Vogel 11:2 June 1995 Forecasts; estimates; probability sampling; sampling frame.
Methodological Principles for a Generalized Estimation System at Statistics Canada (pdf) V. Estevao, M.A. Hidiroglou, and C.E. Sa¨rndal 11:2 June 1995 Generalized regression estimator; auxiliary information; model groups; model level; model type.
An Agenda for Research in Statistical Disclosure Limitation (pdf) Lawrence H. Cox and Laura V. Zayatz 11:2 June 1995 Confidentiality; microdata; tabular data; disclosure limitation.
Miscellanea, The Central Register of Population of the Republic of Slovenia (pdf) Irena Tršinar 11:2 June 1995 Population statistics; demography; personal identification number; administrative registers; Slovenia.
Book Review (pdf) 11:2 June 1995
In Other Journals, SURVEY METHODOLOGY, A Journal Published by Statistics Canada Volume 20, Number 2, December 1994 (pdf) 11:2 June 1995
Editorial Statement (pdf) 1:1 March 1985
Sources of Data on Socio-Economic Differential Mortality in the United States (pdf) Donna L. Hoyert, Gopal K. Singh, and Harry M. Rosenberg 11:3 September 1995 Vital statistics; mortality; data sources.
Quantifying Errors in the Swedish Consumer Price Index (pdf) Jörgen Dalén 11:3 September 1995 Mean squared error; quasi-randomisation; bias estimation; nonsampling error.
Estimating Distribution Functions with Auxiliary Information using Poststratification (pdf) P.L.D. Nascimento Silva and C.J. Skinner 11:3 September 1995 Regression estimation; finite population; survey data; sampling; linear weighting.
Weighing Anchors: Verbal and Numeric Labels for Response Scales (pdf) Colm O'Muircheartaigh, George Gaskell, and Daniel B. Wright 11:3 September 1995 Response alternatives; measurement error; CASM; question wording; rating scales.
Pretesting Procedures at Statistics Sweden's Measurement, Evaluation and Development Laboratory (pdf) Lars R. Bergman 11:3 September 1995 Pretesting; cognitive laboratory; questionnaire development; mail questionnaires.
Miscellanea, A Bibliography on Telephone Survey Methodology (pdf) Anwer Khurshid and Hardeo Sahai 11:3 September 1995
Special Note Announcement, First Call for Presentations, DATA EDITING WORKSHOP AND EXPOSITION (pdf) 11:3 September 1995
In Other Journals, ILO Bulletin of Labour Statistics (pdf) 11:3 September 1995
Chance, Statistics, Sampling (pdf) Leslie Kish 1:1 March 1985
Comparison Between Maximum Likelihood and Bayes Methods for Estimation of Binomial Probability with Sample Compositing (pdf) Yogendra P. Chaubey and Weiming Li 11:4 December 1995 Batch sampling; composite sample; Bayes estimate; MLE; bias correction.
Editing Statistical Records by Neural Networks (pdf) Svein Nordbotten 11:4 December 1995 Editing; imputation; neural networks; synthetic data generation.
Computer-assisted Personal Interviewing: An Experimental Evaluation of Data Quality and Cost (pdf) Reginald P. Baker, Norman M. Bradburn, and Robert A. Johnson 11:4 December 1995 Technical feasibility; portable computers; stratified sampling; random assignment; matching; field management; completion rate; skip pattern; missing data; mode effects; response effects.
Questionnaire Effects on Measurements of Race and Spanish Origin (pdf) Nancy Bates, Elizabeth A. Martin, Theresa J. DeMaio, and Manuel de la Puente 11:4 December 1995 Batch Sampling; composite sample; Bayes estimate; MLE; bias correction.
A Content Analysis of Advance Letters from Expenditure Surveys of Seven Countries (pdf) Martin Luppes 11:4 December 1995 Advance letters; expenditure survey; content analysis.
In Other Journals, SURVEY METHODOLOGY, A Journal Published by Statistics Canada Volume 21, Number 1, June 1995 (pdf) 11:4 December 1995
Editorial Collaborators (pdf) 11:4 December 1995
How Survey Methodologists Communicate (pdf) Carl-Erik Särndal 1:1 March 1985 Survey sampling, design-based, model-based, inference, confidence intervals, (generalized) regression estimator.
The Utility of the Cube Root of Income (pdf) Joseph E. Schwartz 1:1 March 1985
Statistical Database Management, The Relational Approach Meets the Special Needs and Basic Requirements of a Statistical Office (pdf) T. Michael Jeays 1:1 March 1985
Miscellanea, The Century-Old History of a Brand-New Journal (pdf) Martin Ribe 1:1 March 1985
Training Government Statisticians in Zimbabwe (pdf) Mark Woodward 1:1 March 1985 Government statistical services, Zimbabwe, manpower supply, training, career development.
Letters to the Editor, All Those Journals (pdf) 1:1 March 1985
Book Reviews (pdf) 1:1 March 1985
Comment (pdf) Mary H. Mulry 12:1 March 1996
Rejoinder (pdf) Joseph B. Kadane 12:1 March 1996
In Other Journals, Statistical Journal of the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (pdf) 12:1 March 1996
Some Important Issues in Questionnaire Development (pdf) Richard Platek 1:2 June 1985 Questionnaire; questionnaire development; survey design.
Robust Case-Weighting for Multipurpose Establishment Surveys (pdf) R.L. Chambers 12:1 March 1996 Sample surveys; sample weighting; model-based approach; ridge regression; nonparametric regression.
Maximizing the Overlap of Sample Units for Two Designs with Simultaneous Selection (pdf) Lawrence R. Ernst 12:1 March 1996 Controlled selection; Current Population Survey; overlap maximization; stratification.
Laboratory and Field Response Research Studies for the 1980 Census of Population in the United States (pdf) Naomi D. Rothwell 1:2 June 1985 Applied behavior analysis; columnar form; linear form; laboratory experiment; laboratory or systematic observation.
Estimates of National Hospital Use from Administrative Data and Personal Interviews (pdf) Sally C. Stearns, Mary Grace Kovar, Kevin Hayes, and Gary G. Koch 12:1 March 1996 Longitudinal Study of Aging; self-reports; proxy reports.
Testing/Assessing Question Quality – Some Swedish Experiences (pdf) Mats Thorslund and Bo Wärneryd 1:2 June 1985 Survey question testing/assessment; reliability; validity; efficiency.
Contact-Level Influences on Cooperation in Face-to-Face Surveys (pdf) Robert M. Groves and Mick P. Couper 12:1 March 1996 Survey nonresponse; response propensity models; householder-interviewer interaction.
Informal Testing as A Means of Questionnaire Development (pdf) Dawn D. Nelson 1:2 June 1985 Questionnaire; informal test; pretest; pilot study; data collection; survey planning; and survey research.
A Bayesian Approach to Designing U.S. Census Sampling for Reapportionment (pdf) Joseph B. Kadane 12:1 March 1996 Census adjustment; equity in reapportionment; Hill method of equal proportions; loss functions; small distance asymptotics; Webster method.
Flow Charts: A Tool for Developing and Understanding Survey Questionnaires (pdf) Thomas B. Jabine 1:2 June 1985 Flow charts; survey questionnaires.
Comment (pdf) Alan M. Zaslavsky 12:1 March 1996
Questionnaire Design With Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing (pdf) Carol C. House 1:2 June 1985 CATI, computer assisted telephone interviewing; questionnaire design; modular programming.
Why Innovation Is Difficult in Government Surveys (pdf) Don A. Dillman 12:2 June 1996 Innovation; work cultures; organizational hierarchy; survey error; government surveys.
Comment (pdf) Barbara A. Bailar 12:2 June 1996
Comment (pdf) Jelke Bethlehem 12:2 June 1996
Comment (pdf) David A. Binder 12:2 June 1996
Comment (pdf) Barbara Everitt Bryant 12:2 June 1996
Comment (pdf) Cynthia Z.F. Clark 12:2 June 1996
Comment (pdf) Michael Colledge 12:2 June 1996
Comment (pdf) Ivan P. Fellegi 12:2 June 1996
Comment (pdf) Stephen E. Fienberg and Judith M. Tanur 12:2 June 1996
Comment (pdf) Eivind Hoffmann 12:2 June 1996
Comment (pdf) C. Louis Kincannon 12:2 June 1996
Comment (pdf) Susan M. Miskura 12:2 June 1996
Comment (pdf) Thomas J. Plewes 12:2 June 1996
Comment (pdf) Wesley L. Schaible 12:2 June 1996
Comment (pdf) Robert D. Tortora 12:2 June 1996
Comment (pdf) Dennis Trewin 12:2 June 1996
Rejoinder (pdf) Don A. Dillman 12:2 June 1996
A Comparison of Ten Methods for Multilateral International Price and Volume Comparison (pdf) Bert M. Balk 12:2 June 1996 Index number theory; purchasing power parities; international comparison; additivity.
A Comparative Study of Field and Office Coding (pdf) Martin Collins and Gill Courtenay 1:2 June 1985 Coding; field-coding; open questions.
In Other Journals, Survey Methodology, A Journal Published by Statistics Canada Volume 22, Number 1, June 1996 (pdf) 12:2 June 1996
Miscellanea, Questionnaire Measurement of Drinking Behaviour in Sample Surveys (pdf) John C. Duffy 1:2 June 1985
Telescoping: The Skeleton in the Recent Reading Closet (pdf) Valentine Appel 1:2 June 1985
Special Notes, Cognitive Aspects of Surveys, Approaches to Developing Questionnaires (pdf) 1:2 June 1985
Book Reviews (pdf) 1:2 June 1985
Limitations of Balanced Half-Sampling (pdf) Richard Valliant 12:3 September 1996 Balanced repeated replication; inconsistent variance estimator; model-based sampling; partial balancing; poststratification; two-stage cluster sampling.
Cross-Classified Sampling (pdf) Esbjörn Ohlsson 12:3 September 1996 Two-dimensional sampling; variance decomposition; variance estimation; Consumer Price Index.
Response Effects in Consumption Surveys: An Application of the Beta-Binomial Model to Self-Reported Drinking Frequencies (pdf) Timo Alanko and Paul H. Lemmens 12:3 September 1996 Beta-binomial; surveys; respondent error; recall error; memory effects; drinking frequency; sensitive topics.
Estimation of Measurement Bias in Self-Reports of Drug Use with Applications to the National Household Survey on Drug Abuse (pdf) Paul Biemer and Michael Witt 12:3 September 1996 Latent class models; reliability; repeated measures; validity.
Changes in Interview Setting Under CAPI (pdf) Mick P. Couper 12:3 September 1996 CAPI; data quality; interview setting; survey data collection.
Book Reviews (pdf) 12:3 September 1996
In Other Journals, Survey Methodology, A Journal Published by Statistics Canada Volume 22, Number 2, December 1996 (pdf) 12:3 September 1996
Derivation and Properties of the X11ARIMA and Census X11 Linear Filters (pdf) Estela Bee Dagum, Norma Chhab, and Kim Chiu 12:4 December 1996 Seasonality; trend-cycle; irregular variations; symmetric cascade linear filters; asymmetric cascade linear filters.
Correcting Unit Nonresponse via Response Modeling and Raking in the California Tobacco Survey (pdf) Charles C. Berry, Shirley W. Flatt, and John P. Pierce 12:4 December 1996 Survey weights; auxiliary information; missing data; double sampling; generalized raking.
Multiple Workloads per Stratum Designs (pdf) Lynn Weidman and Lawrence R. Ernst 12:4 December 1996 Stratified sample design; PSU selection; workload; variance decomposition.
Neural Network Imputation Applied to the Norwegian 1990 Population Census Data (pdf) Svein Nordbotten 12:4 December 1996 Population census; administrative registers; imputation; neural networks.
Modeling Income in the U.S. Consumer Expenditure Survey (pdf) Geoffrey D. Paulin and Elizabeth M. Sweet 12:4 December 1996 Missing data; nonresponse; imputation; missing at random.
The Survey Reinterview: Respondent Perceptions and Response Strategies (pdf) Johnny Blair and Seymour Sudman 12:4 December 1996 Reinterview; response error; proxy reports.
Corrigendum (pdf) 12:4 December 1996
Book Reviews (pdf) 12:4 December 1996
Editorial Collaborators 1996 (pdf) 12:4 December 1996
Questionnaire Design Activities in Government Statistics Offices (pdf) Seymour Sudman and Charles D. Cowan 1:2 June 1985 Questionnaire; questionnaire design; censuses; surveys; statistics offices.
Who Lives Here? Survey Undercoverage and Household Roster Questions (pdf) Roger Tourangeau, Gary Shapiro, Anne Kearney and Lawrence Ernst 13:1 March 1997 Roster; undercoverage; usual residence.
In Other Journals (pdf) NULL 13:1 March 1997 NULL
Suggestive Interviewer Behaviour in Surveys: An Experimental Study (pdf) Johannes H. Smit, Wil Dijkstra, and Johannes van der Zouwen 13:1 March 1997 Suggestive questions; suggestive probing; field experiment.
Effects of Post-Stratification on the Estimates of the Finnish Labour Force Survey (pdf) Kari Djerf 13:1 March 1997 Post-stratification; generalized raking estimation; auxiliary information; nonresponse bias.
Variance Estimation for Measures of Income Inequality and Polarization - The Estimating Equations Approach (pdf) Milorad S. Kovacevic and David A. Binder 13:1 March 1997 Coefficient of variation; exponential measure; Gini index; Lorenz curve ordinates; polarization curve ordinates; polarization index.
Issues in the Use of a Plant-Capture Method for Estimating the Size of the Street Dwelling Population (pdf) Elizabeth Martin, Eugene Laska, Kim Hopper, Morris Meisner, and Joe Wanderling 13:1 March 1997 Unobtrusive observation; dual systems estimator; census coverage; homeless population.
A Bayesian Approach to Data Disclosure: Optimal Intruder Behavior for Continuous Data (pdf) Stephen E. Fienberg, Udi E. Makov, and Ashish P. Sanil 13:1 March 1997 Confidentiality; disclosure limitation; inferential disclosure; identity disclosure; measurement error.
Book and Software Reviews (pdf) NULL 13:1 March 1997 NULL
Evaluation of a Reconstruction of the Adjusted 1990 Census for Florida (pdf) Michael M. Meyer and Joseph B. Kadane 13:2 June 1997 Disclosure avoidance; exploratory data analysis; confidentiality; geographic boundary effects.
Individual Diaries and Expense Documents in the Italian Consumer Expenditure Survey (pdf) Carlo Filippucci and Maria Rosaria Ferrante 13:2 June 1997 Data collection instruments; underreporting; proxy response; aided recall.
Testing of Distribution Functions from Complex Sample Surveys (pdf) Abba M. Krieger and Danny Pfeffermann 13:2 June 1997 Chi-squared statistics; inclusion probabilities; Kolmogorov-Smirnov; probability integral transformation; randomization distribution; Wald statistics.
Estimating Consumer Price Indices for Small Reference Populations (pdf) Martin Boon and Jan de Haan 13:2 June 1997 Expenditure weights; small-domain estimators; sampling variance; micro-macro link.
Cognitive Dynamics of Proxy Responding: The Diverging Perspectives of Actors and Observers (pdf) Norbert Schwarz and Tracy Wellens 13:2 June 1997 Self reports; proxy reports; behavioral reports; autobiographical memory; response effects; response errors.
Question Difficulty and Respondents' Cognitive Ability: The Effect on Data Quality (pdf) Bärbel Knäuper, Robert F. Belli, Daniel H. Hill and A. Regula Herzog 13:2 June 1997 Elderly; survey methodology; don't know responses; response bias.
Dual Frame, Mixed Mode Survey Designs (pdf) Robert M. Groves and James M. Lepkowski 1:3 September 1985 Telephone survey; sensitivity analysis; optimal allocation; cost models.
On the Treatment of Nonresponse in Sample Surveys (pdf) J. G. Bethlehem and H. M. P. Kersten 1:3 September 1985 Nonresponse; adjustment procedures; bias.
CATI in an Agricultural Statistical Agency (pdf) Robert D. Tortora 1:3 September 1985 CATI; computer assisted telephone interviewing; data collection mode; telephone interviewing.
Inverse Autocorrelations and Moving-Average Time Series Modelling (pdf) O.B. Oyetunji 1:3 September 1985 Autocorrelations; inverse autocorrelations; moving average model; subset model; BIC.
Special Section on Statistical Analysis of Errors in Population Forecasting and Its Implications on Policy (pdf) Juha M. Alho 13:3 September 1997
The Practical Specification of the Expected Error of Population Forecasts (pdf) 13:3 September 1997 Demography; forecasting; population projections; propagation of error.
The Effect of Uncertainty of Migration on National Population Forecasts: The Case of the Netherlands (pdf) 13:3 September 1997 Population projections; forecast errors; international migration; time-series models; simulations.
Computing Methods for Variance Estimation in Complex Surveys (pdf) D. R. Bellhouse 1:3 September 1985 Multistage sampling; variance estimation; tree structures.
Ex-Post Errors in Official Population Forecasts in Industrialized Countries (pdf) 13:3 September 1997 Demography; forecasting; population projections; accuracy; APC-model.
Comparing and Assessing Time Series Methods for Forecasting Age-Specific Fertility and Mortality Rates (pdf) William R. Bell 13:3 September 1997 Population projection; demographic forecasting; principal components.
Understanding the Cognitive Processes Used by Women Reporting Cancer Prevention Examinations and Tests (pdf) Seymour Sudman, Richard Warnecke, Timothy Johnson, Diane O'Rourke, Andrew M. Davis, and Jared B. Jobe 13:3 September 1997 Regular behavior; reporting accuracy; schema.
Miscellanea, Evaluation of the 1977 Economic Censuses of the United States, 0. Introduction (pdf) Nash J. Monsour (ed.) 1:3 September 1985
Book Reviews (pdf) 13:3 September 1997
In Other Journals, SURVEY METHODOLOGY, A Journal Published by Statistics Canada Volume 23, Number 1, June 1997 (pdf) 13:3 September 1997
Book Reviews (pdf) 1:3 September 1985
A Sampling Scheme with Partial Replacement (pdf) J.L. Sánchez-Crespo 13:4 December 1997 Unequal probability sampling;variance estimation.
Sources of Error in a Survey on Sexual Behavior (pdf) Roger Tourangeau, Kenneth Rasinski, Jared B. Jobe, Tom W. Smith and William F. Pratt 13:4 December 1997 Computer administration; CASI; interviewer effects; mode effects; sensitive questions.
Developing an Estimation Strategy for a Pesticide Data Program (pdf) Phillip S. Kott and D. Andrew Carr 13:4 December 1997 Target population; inferential population; level of detection; level of quantification; percentile; distribution.
Estimating Interpolated Percentiles from Grouped Data with Large Samples (pdf) Edward L. Korn, Douglas Midthune, and Barry I. Graubard 13:4 December 1997 Histograms; quantiles; smoothing; survey data analysis.
Ratio Estimation of Hardcore Drug Use (pdf) Doug Wright, Joe Gfroerer, and Joan Epstein 13:4 December 1997 Ratio estimation; benchmarking; hard core drug use.
Statistical Disclosure Control and Sampling Weights (pdf) A.G. de Waal and L.C.R.J. Willenborg 13:4 December 1997 Statistical disclosure control; sampling weights; microdata.
Book Reviews (pdf) 13:4 December 1997
Editorial Collaborators (pdf) 13:4 December 1997
Data Collection Mode Effects on Responses to Attitudinal Questions (pdf) Peter Lynn 14:1 March 1998 Attitude questions; computer assisted interviewing; data collection modes; interview length; response rates; response effects.
Effects of Interview Mode on Measuring Depression in Younger Adults (pdf) William S. Aquilino 14:1 March 1998 Survey mode; sensitive questions; self-administered questionnaire; social desirability bias.
Space/Time Variations and Rolling Samples (pdf) Leslie Kish 14:1 March 1998 Periodic surveys; panels; rolling samples; small domain estimates; annual censuses.
Examining the Revisions in Monthly Retail and Wholesale Trade Surveys Under a Rotating Panel Design (pdf) Patrick J. Cantwell and Carol V. Caldwell 14:1 March 1998 Panel imbalance; response bias; composite estimation; fixed-panel design.
Random-Effects Models for Smoothing Poststratification Weights (pdf) Laura C. Lazzeroni and Roderick J.A. Little 14:1 March 1998 Empirical Bayes; random effects; survey inference; superpopulation model; simulation study.
Estimation of Identification Disclosure Risk in Microdata (pdf) Guang Chen and Sallie Keller-McNulty 14:1 March 1998 Data security; disclosure risk; population uniqueness.
Book and Software Reviews (pdf) NULL 14:1 March 1998 NULL
The Sixth Morris Hansen Lecture Opening Remarks (pdf) Daniel Levine 14:2 June 1998 NULL
The Hansen Era: Statistical Research and its Implementation at the U.S. Census Bureau, 1940-1970 (pdf) Joseph Waksberg 14:2 June 1998 NULL
Discussion (pdf) Margo Anderson 14:2 June 1998 NULL
Discussion (pdf) Robert M. Groves 14:2 June 1998 NULL
Sequential Poisson Sampling (pdf) Esbj�rn Ohlsson 14:2 June 1998 Probability proportional to size; sample coordination; sample updating; overlap control; asymptotic normality; consumer price index.
Estimating the Sampling Variance of the UK Index of Production (pdf) P.N. Kokic 14:2 June 1998 Sampling error; nonsampling error; parametric bootstrap.
Bias Correction in the Balanced-half-sample Method if the Number of Sampled Units in Some Strata Is Odd (pdf) Ger T. Slootbeek 14:2 June 1998 BHS method; grouping method; location transformation; variance estimation; regression estimator.
Response Burden and Panel Attrition (pdf) Adriaan W. Hoogendoorn and Dirk Sikke 14:2 June 1998 Budget survey; consumer panels; estimators of change; survey designs.
London Plague Statistics in 1665 (pdf) D. R. Bellhouse 14:2 June 1998 Data collection; history of statistics; reporting errors; scientific fraud; undercounting errors.
The Time Series Analysis of Compositional Data (pdf) Teresa M. Brunsdon and T.M.F. Smith 14:3 September 1998 Repeated surveys; additive logistic transformation; VARMA; dependence; labour force survey.
Linking of Classifications by Linear Mappings (pdf) Beat Hulliger 14:3 September 1998 Nomenclature; correspondence table; revision of classification; time series.
Determining Sample Sizes for Surveys with Data Analyzed by Hierarchical Linear Models (pdf) Michael P. Cohen 14:3 September 1998 Multilevel; random effects; covariance components.
Design and Analysis of Experiments Embedded in Sample Surveys (pdf) Jan van den Brakel and Robbert H. Renssen 14:3 September 1998 Experimental design; sampling design; Horvitz-Thompson estimator; generalized regression estimator; two-sample problem.
Maximizing and Minimizing Overlap When Selecting a Large Number of Units per Stratum Simultaneously for Two Designs (pdf) Lawrence R. Ernst 14:3 September 1998 Controlled selection; stratified design; compensation surveys.
Variance Estimation Using List Sequential Scheme 'for' Unequal Probability Sampling (pdf) Yves G. Berger 14:3 September 1998 Variance estimation; sampling without replacement; Horvitz-Thompson estimator; Yates-Grundy estimator; inclusion probabilities; probability proportional-to-size sampling.
Book and Software Reviews (pdf) NULL 14:3 September 1998 NULL
Why Should Government Gather Statistics, Anyway?, Historical Justifications For Public Data Collection in the United States and Theories of the Role of Government (pdf) Steven Kelman 1:4 December 1985 Statistics; history; public goods; economics of information; role of government.
Variance Estimation for Complex Estimators in Sample Surveys (pdf) Keith Rust 1:4 December 1985 Linear estimator; Taylor series linearization; replication; random groups; balanced repeated replication (BRR); combined strata; jackknife; bootstrap.
The Estimation of the Gini and the Entropy Inequality Parameters in Finite Populations (pdf) Fredrik Nygärd and Arne Sandström 1:4 December 1985 Inequality parameters; Gini family; Generalized Entropy family; finite populations; total surveys; sample surveys; variance estimation.
The Metainformation System: Its Structure and Role in the Statistical Information System (pdf) Anton Klas 1:4 December 1985 Data; metadata; information system; metainformation system; entities; attributes; basic and complementary components of the name of an attribute; identifying, classifying and indicating functions of an attribute; catalogues; dictionaries; directories.
Miscellanea, The World Fertility Survey and Its Implications for Future Surveys (pdf) Richard M. Cornelius 1:4 December 1985 Survey research; World Fertility Survey; standardization; fertility; nuptiality; contraceptive use; breastfeeding; infant mortality.
Introduction to the Special Issue: Disclosure Limitation Methods for Protecting the Confidentiality of Statistical Data (pdf) Stephen E. Fienberg and Leon C. R. J. Willenborg 14:4 December 1998 NULL
A Database System Prototype for Remote Access to Information Based on Confidential Data (pdf) Sallie Keller-McNulty and Elizabeth A. Unger 14:4 December 1998 Data access; disclosure limitation; computer security; data confidentiality; database security.
Statistical Methods at the Netherlands Central Bureau of Statistics (pdf) Wouter J. Keller and Tom Wansbeek 1:4 December 1985
Estimating the Re-identification Risk Per Record in Microdata (pdf) C.J. Skinner and D.J. Holmes 14:4 December 1998 Key variable; log-linear model; lognormal distribution; population uniqueness; statistical disclosure control.
A Bayesian, Species-Sampling-Inspired Approach to the Uniques Problem in Microdata Disclosure Risk Assessment (pdf) Stephen M. Samuels 14:4 December 1998 Partition structure; Polya urn; Poisson-Dirichlet.
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Editorial Collaborators (pdf) 1:4 December 1985
Organization of Small Area Estimators Using a Generalized Linear Regression Framework. (pdf) David A. Marker 15:1 March 1999 Bayes; synthetic estimation; components of variance regression.
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Book and Software Reviews (pdf) NULL 15:3 September 1999 NULL
In Other Journals (pdf) NULL 15:3 September 1999 NULL
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Book and Software Reviews (pdf) NULL 16:1 March 2000 NULL
In Other Journals (pdf) NULL 16:1 March 2000 NULL
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Finite Sample Effects in the Estimation of Substitution Bias in the Consumer Price Index (pdf) Ralph Bradley 17:3 September 2001 Substitution bias; superlative indexes.
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Book and Software Reviews (pdf) NULL 17:3 September 2001 NULL
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Understanding the Cognitive Processes of Open-Ended Categorical Questions and Their Effects on Data Quality (pdf) Monica Dashen and Scott Fricker 17:4 December 2001 Survey methodology; response errors.
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Applying Pitman's Sampling Formula to Microdata Disclosure Risk Assessment (pdf) Nobuaki Hoshino 17:4 December 2001 Privacy; uniqueness; species abundance; superpopulation; random clustering.
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Research and Development in Official Statistics and Scientific Co-operation with Universities: An Empirical Investigation (pdf) Risto Lehtonen, Erkki Pahkinen and Carl-Erik Särndal 18:1 March 2002 R&D infrastructure; forms of networking; university disciplines; implementing research results
Book and Software Reviews (pdf) NULL 18:1 March 2002 NULL
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The Tenth Morris Hansen Lecture Opening Remarks (pdf) Cynthia Z.F. Clark 18:2 June 2002 NULL
Models in the Practice of Survey Sampling (Revisited) (pdf) Graham Kalton 18:2 June 2002 Design-based inference; model-dependent inference; missing data; small area estimation; generalized variance functions.
Discussion (pdf) Chris Skinner 18:2 June 2002 NULL
Discussion An Outsider's Perspective (pdf) William R. Bell 18:2 June 2002 NULL
The Eleventh Morris Hansen Lecture Opening Remarks (pdf) Joseph Waksberg 18:2 June 2002 NULL
Election Night Estimation (pdf) Warren J. Mitofsky and Murray Edelman 18:2 June 2002 NULL
Discussion (pdf) Martin Frankel 18:2 June 2002 NULL
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Two-Phase List-Assisted RDD Sampling (pdf) J. Michael Brick, David Judkins, Jill Montaquila, and David Morganstein 18:2 June 2002 Optimal allocation; cost models; telephone surveys.
A Design-based Analysis Procedure for Two-treatment Experiments Embedded in Sample Surveys. An Application in the Dutch Labor Force Survey (pdf) Jan A. van den Brakel and C.A.M. van Berkel 18:2 June 2002 Completely randomized designs; complex sampling designs; embedded field experiments; questionnaire effects; randomized block designs.
The Ten Cases of Auxiliary Information for Calibration in Two-Phase Sampling (pdf) Victor M. Estevao and Carl-Erik S�rndal 18:2 June 2002 Design-based inference; linear regression representation; calibrated weights; regression residuals; variance estimation.
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Local Recoding and Record Swapping by Maximum Weight Matching for Disclosure Control of Microdata Sets (pdf) Akimichi Takemura 18:2 June 2002 Edmonds's algorithm; local suppression; nearest neighbor; NP-complete; perturbation.
Multiple-Objective Optimal Designs for the Hierarchical Linear Model (pdf) Mirjam Moerbeek and Weng Kee Wong 18:2 June 2002 Hierarchical data; sample size; optimality criteria; variance components.
Book and Software Reviews (pdf) NULL 18:2 June 2002 NULL
In Other Journals (pdf) NULL 18:2 June 2002 NULL
Preface (pdf) NULL 18:3 September 2002 NULL
How Best to Hand Out Money: Issues in the Design and Structure of Intergovernmental Aid Formulas (pdf) Thomas A. Downes and Thomas F. Pogue 18:3 September 2002 Intergovernmental aid; fiscal capacity; lump-sum grants; matching grants.
The Legislative Process and the Use of Indicators in Formula Allocations (pdf) Dan Melnick 18:3 September 2002 Grants-in-aid; statistical indicators; legislation; appropriations; authorization; indicators; programs; goals; statistical policy; standards.
Interactions Between Survey Estimates and Federal Funding Formulas (pdf) Alan M. Zaslavsky and Allen L. Schirm 18:3 September 2002 Government statistics; census; current surveys; American Community Survey; small area estimates.
The Canadian Equalization Program (pdf) Michelle Taylor Sean Keenan and Jean-Fran�ois Carbonneau 18:3 September 2002 Canada; fiscal transfers; fiscal arrangements; fiscal capacity, federal-provincial relations.
Using Survey Data to Allocate Federal Funds for the State Children's Health Insurance Program (SCHIP) (pdf) John L. Czajka and Thomas B. Jabine 18:3 September 2002 Allocation formulas; children's health insurance; data sources; estimation; household surveys.
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Impact of Title I Formula Factors on School Year 2000-2001 State Allocations (pdf) Paul Sanders Brown 18:3 September 2002 Distribution of federal aid to education; federal assistance for educationally disadvantaged children; federal formula programs; Title I of elementary and secondary education art.
Federal Formula Allocation For Schools: Historical Perspective and Lessons from New York State (pdf) James A. Kadamus 18:3 September 2002 School finance; school reform; federal funding for schools; education policy; state aid to school districts; NYS education.
A Study on the Formulation of an Assessments Scale Methodology: The United Nations Experience in Allocating Budget Expenditures Among Member States (pdf) Felizardo B. Suzara 18:3 September 2002 Collective financial responsibility; principle of capacity to pay; low per capita income allowance (LPAF); assessable income; income threshold; relief; ceiling and floor rates; least developed countries; debt burden; scheme of limits.
Measures to Evaluate the Discrepancy Between Direct and Indirect Model-Based Seasonal Adjustment (pdf) Edoardo Otranto and Umberto Triacca 18:4 December 2002 Time series; ARMA; distance; forecastability.
Satisfying Disclosure Restrictions With Synthetic Data Sets (pdf) Jerome P. Reiter 18:4 December 2002 Confidentiality; disclosure; multiple imputation; simulation; synthetic data.
Item Nonresponse as a Predictor of Unit Nonresponse in a Panel Survey (pdf) Geert Loosveldt, Jan Pickery, and Jaak Billiet 18:4 December 2002 Answering process; threatening questions; difficult questions.
Using Administrative Records to Improve Small Area Estimation: An Example from the U.S. Decennial Census (pdf) Elaine Zanutto and Alan Zaslavsky 18:4 December 2002 Imputation; missing data; nonresponse follow-up; iterative proportional fitting; loglinear models; mass imputation.
Asymptotically Efficient Generalised Regression Estimators (pdf) G.E. Montanari and M.G. Ranalli 18:4 December 2002 Survey sampling; regression estimator; superpopulation model.
Multiple Imputation for Statistical Disclosure Limitation (pdf) T.E. Raghunathan, J.P. Reiter and D.B. Rubin 19:1 March 2003 Bayesian approach; Bayesian bootstrap; combining rules; confidentiality protection; sample survey; synthetic data sets.
Confidence Interval Coverage Properties for Regression Estimators in Uni-Phase and Two-Phase Sampling (pdf) J.N.K. Rao, W. Jocelyn, and M.A. Hidiroglou 19:1 March 2003 NULL
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Constrained Inverse Adaptive Cluster Sampling (pdf) Emilia Rocco 19:1 March 2003 Rare and clustered populations; sequential selection.
Poisson Mixture Sampling Combined with Order Sampling (pdf) Hannu Kr�ger, Carl-Erik S�rndal, and Ismo Teikari 19:1 March 2003 Business surveys; permanent random numbers; skewed populations; fixed sample size.
Ischemic Heart Disease and Acute Myocardial Infarction as Cause of Death in a Cause-of-death Register (pdf) Boo Svartbo, Lars Olov Bygren, Anders Eriksson, G�sta Bucht, and Lars Age Johansson 19:1 March 2003 Mortality statistics; validity; international classification of diseases.
Weighting Methods (pdf) Graham Kalton and Ismael Flores-Cervantes 19:2 June 2003 Calibration; generalised regression estimation; poststratification; raking; trimming weights.
Penalized Spline Model-Based Estimation of the Finite Populations Total from Probability-Proportional-to-Size Samples (pdf) Hui Zheng and Roderick J.A. Little 19:2 June 2003 Horvitz-Thompson estimator; spline regression; linear mixed model; bias calibration; design consistency.
Optimal Calibration Estimators Under Two-Phase Sampling (pdf) Changbao Wu and Ying Luan 19:2 June 2003 Auxiliary information; measurement error; model-assisted approach; nonresponse; variance estimation.
A Method for Estimating Design-based Sampling Variances for Surveys with Weighting, Poststratification, and Raking (pdf) Hao Lu and Andrew Gelman 19:2 June 2003 Inverse-probability weighting; iterative proportional fitting; poststratification; raking; ratio estimate; regression estimate; sample survey; variance estimation.
Prevention and Treatment of Item Nonresponse (pdf) Edith D. de Leeuw, Joop Hox, and Mark Huisman 19:2 June 2003 Causes of missingness; data collection mode; ignorability; imputation; item non response; questionnaire development; follow-up survey.
Score Functions to Reduce Business Survey Editing at the U.K. Office for National Statistics (pdf) Dan Hedlin 19:2 June 2003 Selective editing; estimate-related; edit-related; threshold; progress graph.
Book and Software Reviews (pdf) NULL 19:2 June 2003 NULL
In Other Journals (pdf) NULL 19:2 June 2003 NULL
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Book and Software Reviews (pdf) NULL 19:3 September 2003 NULL
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Editorial Collaborators (pdf) NULL 19:4 December 2003 NULL
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Editorial Collaborators (pdf) NULL 20:4 December 2004 NULL
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Children and Adolescents as Respondents. Experiments on Question Order, Response Order, Scale Effects and the Effect of Numeric Values Associated with Response Options (pdf) Marek Fuchs 21:4 December 2005 Measurement error, response effect, field experiment
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Editorial Collaborators (pdf) 2:3 September 1986
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Book and Software Reviews (pdf) 25:4 December 2009
Editorial Collaborators (pdf) 25:4 December 2009
Special Section with Articles Based on Papers from the Third International Conference on Establishment Surveys � Preface (pdf) 26:1 March 2010
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Sources of Measurement Errors in Business Surveys (pdf) Mojca Bavdaž 26:1 March 2010 Business participant, records, respondent, survey characteristics, survey instrument, survey staff
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Book and Software Review (pdf) 26:1 March 2010
In Other Journals (pdf) 26:1 March 2010
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Discussion (pdf) James M. Lepkowski 26:3 September 2010
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Statistical Careers in United States Government Science Agencies (pdf) Nell Sedransk 26:3 September 2010 History of statistics, complex system models, engineering statistics, metrology, high-dimensional data
Recruitment, Training and Retention of Statisticians in the U.S. Federal Statistical Agencies (pdf) Clyde Tucker 26:3 September 2010 Succession planning, human resources, employee satisfaction
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Comparison of Verbal Behaviors between Calendar and Standardized Conventional Questionnaires (pdf) Ipek Bilgen, Robert F. Belli 26:3 September 2010 Interviewer and respondent behaviors, retrospective reports, standardized interviews, conversational interviews, event history calendar
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Book Reviews (pdf) 26:3 September 2010
In Other Journals (pdf) 26:3 September 2010
The 2010 Morris Hansen Lecture Dealing with Survey Nonresponse in Data Collection, in Estimation (pdf) Carl-Erik Särndal 27:1 March 2011 Balanced response set, representative response set, responsive design, lack of balance, auxiliary information, calibrated adjustment weighting
Discussion (pdf) J. Michael Brick 27:1 March 2011
Discussion (pdf) Roger Tourangeau 27:1 March 2011
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Book Reviews (pdf) 27:1 March 2011
In Other Journals (pdf) 27:1 March 2011
Preface (pdf) Annelies Blom, Frauke Kreuter 27:2 June 2011
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Book Reviews (pdf) 27:3 September 2011
In Other Journals (pdf) 27:3 September 2011
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Book Reviews (pdf) 27:4 December 2011
Editorial Collaborators (pdf) 27:4 December 2011
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In Other Journals (pdf) 28:1 March 2012
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Book Reviews (pdf) 28:2 June 2012
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Discussion (pdf) Philippe Brion 28:3 September 2012
Discussion (pdf) Alan H. Dorfman 28:3 September 2012
Discussion (pdf) Risto Lehtonen 28:3 September 2012
Discussion (pdf) Paul A. Smith 28:3 September 2012
Discussion (pdf) Michael P. Cohen 28:3 September 2012
Rejoinder (pdf) Roderick J. Little 28:3 September 2012
Improving RDD Cell Phone Samples. Evaluation of Different Pre-call Validation Methods (pdf) Tanja Kunz, Marek Fuchs 28:3 September 2012 HLR lookup, text message (sms), eligibility, nonworking numbers, survey costs
Mutual Information as a Measure of Intercoder Agreement (pdf) Ben Klemens 28:3 September 2012 Intercoder agreement, Cohen’s kappa
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Unit Root Properties of Seasonal Adjustment and Related Filters (pdf) William R. Bell 28:3 September 2012 Time series, ARIMA model, X-11 seasonal adjustment, trend estimation
Book Reviews (pdf) 28:3 September 2012
In Other Journals (pdf) 28:3 September 2012
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Editorial Note (pdf) Editors-in-Chief 28:4 December 2012
Evaluating Survey Questions: A Comparison of Methods (pdf) Ting Yan, Frauke Kreuter, Roger Tourangeau 28:4 December 2012 Cognitive interviews, expert reviews, latent class analysis, measurement error, question pretests, reliability, validity
Discussion (pdf) Jennifer H. Madans, Paul C. Beatty 28:4 December 2012
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Rejoinder (pdf) Ting Yan, Frauke Kreuter, Roger Tourangeau 28:4 December 2012
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Editorial Collaborators (pdf) 28:4 December 2012
Index to Volume 28, 2012 (pdf) 28:4 December 2012
Letters to the Editor (pdf) 3:1 March 1987
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Book Reviews (pdf) 3:3 September 1987
Editorial Collaborators (pdf) 3:3 September 1987
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Types and Some Causes of Nonsampling Errors in Household Surveys in Africa (pdf) Ben Kiregyera 3:4 December 1987
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Book Reviews (pdf) 5:1 March 1989
Adjustments for Quality Change in the U.S. Consumer Price Index (pdf)